Stalking Victims and Stalking Crime Statistics

Stalking behavior can turn into a serious stalking crime. Stalking victims should be aware that cyber stalking, phone stalking, and all forms of harassment stalking may result in harm or even death.

Stalking crime statistics reveal that those being stalked are at risk of suffering harm from a stalker.

The statistical information below is a direct quotation from a survey posted on the American Bar Association’s website. TheĀ  link to the site is:

“Stalking According to the Stalking Resource Center:

  • 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually in the United States.
  • 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime.
  • 77% of female and 64% of male victims know their stalker.
  • 87% of stalkers are men.
  • 59% of female victims and 30% of male victims are stalked by an intimate partner.
  • 81% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also physically assaulted by that partner.
  • 31% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also sexually assaulted by that partner.
  • The average duration of stalking is 1.8 years.
  • If stalking involves intimate partners, the average duration of stalking increases to 2.2 years.
  • 61% of stalkers made unwanted phone calls; 33% sent or left unwanted letters or items; 29% vandalized property; and 9% killed or threatened to kill a family pet.
  • 28% of female victims and 10% of male victims obtained a protective order. 69% of female victims and 81% of male victims had the protection order violated.”

Stalking Resource Ctr., The Nat’l Ctr. for Victims of Crime, Stalking Fact Sheet, (citing Patricia Tjaden & Nancy Thoennes, U.S. Dep’t of Justice, NCJ 169592, Stalking in America: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998)

Some of the most alarming statistics are summarized below: Based on the information above, phone stalking is significant as 61 percent of stalkers made unwanted phone calls, 29 percent vandalized property, and nine percent killed or threatened to kill. Further, eighty one percent of women who are stalked by a previous domestic partner are also harmed by that partner.

If one is being stalked, it may be necessary to learn how to hide and disappear completely and never be found in order to eliminate the possibility of becoming a stalking crime statistic.

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