Does phone stalking begin at the sound of the beep?

Phone stalkers make stalking harassment telephone calls to their stalking victims. Providing strangers with call back telephone numbers may be a bad idea for consumer privacy.

Voice mail and call backs

Once I called seventeen medical offices and received only three live answers to my calls. That’s a horrible level of customer service in my opinion.

It seems the public accepts poor customer service rather than insist on someone answering the telephone  when a new business is called.

In my estimation, businesses that do not answer their phones, but instead request you leave your phone number for a call back, are not practicing good customer service. Why would anyone leave a personal phone number for a call back?

Phone stalkers and phone stalking

One in ten women are stalked. One such method used by phone stalkers is to grab a phone number provided by someone who leaves a call back number. Do you leave your cell number or home number as a call back number? This is a poor decision in my experienced opinion and may provide an abusive stalker with personal information necessary to track and trace you to your doorstep.

Are you bothered by a telephone stalker or other harassment stalking crime? Or do you want to prevent stalking and live a high-level privacy lifestyle? In either case, you can stop stalking or prevent a stalking crime when you have the information to preserve your privacy or break free from a troublesome abuser. A free course on outsmarting stalkers  is offered by e-mail HERE.

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