How do you prevent identity theft?

It is possible to prevent identity theft and protect identity from identity fraud criminals through consumer privacy living without dependence on a third party insurance company. How do you prevent identity theft during the current identity theft fraud epidemic? This article addresses key identity theft prevention points.

Dependence or independent thinking and proactive consumer privacy action

As the masses scramble to buy questionable and possibly ineffective identity insurance protection, the individual and family who practice consumer privacy living and business privacy will escape the expensive, dangerous, crime of identity theft.

Identity theft Insurance and the herd mentality of dependence

This piece is not about bashing the identity theft insurance corporations as they try to capitalize on the hardship of identity theft victims and the fear of medical identity theft, business identity theft, credit card identity theft, and all identity fraud related crimes.

Privacy advocates recognize it is difficult to educate the general population and the average individual about privacy living and identity protection.

You can protect identity when you learn to accept the fact that the demand is so great for “good identities” that the crime of id theft is likely to be prevalent for sometime. Next, educate yourself about what to do to prevent identity theft or learn how to fix the problem with privacy principles IF you are an identity theft victim.

Guarding you personal identifiers

Protect identity through privacy living while keeping your most important personal and confidential information private. Guidelines include:

1.) I do not provide my Social Security number to agencies or corporations unless required by law to do so unless it is required for a service that I need that justifies the risk.

2.) Keep mail, telephones, home addresses out of the data bases.

3.) Travel anonymously.

4.) Learn how to hide your money and property from the preying eyes of identity thieves.

Learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously and you will be on your way to preventing identity theft.

Your life depends on it

Identity theft is a serious crime. Learning to prevent identity theft through consumer privacy and business privacy will enable you to avoid the most dangerous and expensive type of identity theft, medical identity theft.

The average medical identity theft costs approximately $20,000.00 and aside from this expense, you could be denied treatment by a medical provider if you are a victim of a stolen identity. Imagine a family member or yourself needing emergency treatment for a life-threatening disease or injury and finding out that your medical identity insurance coverage has been stolen by an identity thief. In a case like this, there may be insufficient time to correct the problem before a medical condition worsens or someone dies.

If you would like to learn more about identity theft prevention, we have a free information series of e-mail courses and identity theft articles for your review and study.

Grant Hall