Can a stalking victim disappear and never be found?

Fearful of being harmed or murdered by a stalking ex husband? Many stalking crimes result in injury or death to the stalking victim. This article provides an overview the problems of a persistent, obsessive stalker and provides references and information on how to disappear completely and never be found.

Behavioral aspects of an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend

Relationships are difficult to terminate. An abusive ex will typically have good traits as well as his undesirable ones. Everyone has some good in them. However, the controlling and abusive ex may become a danger to the abused woman.

The abused woman must decide

Codependents have addictive characteristics to dependent relationships. Though difficult to break off, an abusive relationship may be unhealthy long-term, and present a danger.

Abused women make their decisions on whether to stay or leave the woman abuser.

Counseling and support

Counseling for abused women and telephone hot line support may provide immediate comfort to the abused woman. Peer support offers mutual understanding of the abusive relationship.

Breaking free from an abusive ex and how to stop stalking

Once an abused woman makes a decision to leave her abusive ex, she will want to prevent stalking by making certain to break the paper trail to her identity. This is important because controlling ex husbands often become a stalking nightmare for an abused woman who may soon find herself a stalking victim unless she learns how to disappear and never be found.

Review these chapters of Privacy Crisis:

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Chapter 7, The Anonymous Resident

Chapter 10, Driving Secretly

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking

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