Prevent medical identity theft inside jobs

This article provides privacy living information to prevent medical identity theft from the medical providers and their staff.

Patient identity protection from medical insiders

Think that nice clerk who demands all of your most personal and confidential data has your best interests in mind? Maybe. But, you had better be on guard as medical insiders sometimes become identity thieves, particularly those with access to medical patients’ identities. One such insider, a medical clerk abused patients’ identification information to try and rack up a big score.

Medical office clerk or identity thief?

The following story is a direct quote from this website:

“A medical records clerk from St. Peter’s Hospital was arrested on charges of stealing patients’ personal information and using it to open credit card accounts, police said, and more unknowing victims could be out there.

Albany County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Johnathan Harwood, 23, of Van Buren Avenue, on Monday for opening credit accounts using stolen Social Security numbers and then purchasing merchandise over the Internet. Police said Hardwood was also using the computers at the hospital to purchase items online.

Undersheriff Craig Apple said Harwood was purchasing small items such as books, to see if he could get away with the crime. “He was testing the waters,” the undersheriff said.

The man, who had worked in the Medical Records Unit for a little less than a year, was discovered when an item he bought online was sent to a victim’s house, Apple said.

The victim reported it to police, who were able to track it back to the computer used to make the purchase. St. Peter’s Hospital administrators immediately suspended Harwood after his arrest. He has since been fired.

Harwood was charged with five counts of second-degree forgery and three counts of second-degree identity, both felonies, and three counts of second-degree criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor. He was arraigned in Albany City Court and released for a future court date since he has no previous criminal record.

Apple said the sheriff’s office is looking for more people who may have had their identities stolen by Hardwood. Those who think they may be affected should call 765-2351.”

In order to prevent identity theft and medical identity theft crimes, the patient will necessarily have to adopt a high-level privacy living lifestyle. And in view of the average medical identity theft crime damage of $20,000.00, a family should keep their identity information confidential while providing only the most basic identity data to medical providers.

Protect identity by not providing  a Social Security number to medical providers

The most vulnerable of all identity documents is the Social Security number. And almost all medical provider forms ask patients for the SSN. All you have to do is say no! Or you may leave yourself wide open to a medical identity thief who may steal your identity to open credit card accounts or credit lines in your name or otherwise abuse your personal and confidential identity information.

The following excerpt is taken from this website:

Below are direct quotes from the story. The Social Security number is a dangerous number to share.

“It was clear-cut identity theft; a janitor in the Northwestern Medical Faculty Building is accused of rummaging through patient files, stealing Social Security numbers.”

Anonymous living practices will provide consumer privacy without the threat of medical identity theft.

Our e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living provides effective information for living under the radar. You can purchase the book and be reading how to avoid medical identity theft or begin living secretly in just FIVE MINUTES from NOW.

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