Work From Home for Profit and Privacy

Has America entered into a new entrepreneurial trend? Will people begin to start their own businesses out of necessity-corporations no longer offer job security or employment benefits across the board as was the case some years ago? Will the Trump administration’s policies usher in new business start ups en masse?

Do you want to work from home? Working from home provides for cost cutting and convenience and allows for personal energy conservation as well. You could work in your P.J.s while being just as effective as dressed in a business suit from a home-based business. And think about the privacy benefits, too. There’s no need to share one’s employment with privacy-invasive, work-related data bases while one is self-employed and working at home. Working from home creates a good deal of work privacy.

One’s job security or lack of it is created by you as you strive to succeed in what may become a new, small, business boom in the United States of America.

Historically, The United States has led the world in new business ventures. However, with banks holding true to their tight-fisted, loaning policies even in the face of zero interest rates, it will be challenging for new business managers and owners to find capital to support their ideas for profit. Or will it?

Have you heard of crowd funding? Companies now exist that help businesses find funding for operations. Companies like Equitynet replace typical loaning sources. These sources of loans are surely taking market share from banks and other traditional, lending institutions. And these new sources of business capital can be expected to grow in an entrepreneurial friendly environment. If we have one on the horizon.

How can you make money from home as a new start up business? What opportunities for the would-be-business founder who has the drive to succeed, but is puzzled about what sectors and industry groups provide the best money-making opportunities during 2017 and beyond? Publically traded companies may offer insight into this dilemma. Godaddy, symbol, (GDDY), a provider of domains, website hosting, web development, and other services is trading near an all time high. Wix, a website development company, symbol, (WIX) made a new high days ago. There are other internet-related companies showing high relative strength as well, and if one believes in what the market is telling us, the internet sector may be flashing a signal on how products may continue to be marketed with less risk and higher margins in the years to come.

Where does one start? Professional advice is often expensive on the surface but proves to be cost-effective when good information is obtained. Once an idea is developed, it’s the rare manager/owner who can market it successfully. Perhaps a consultation with experts will result in money well spent. Customer Paradigm provides internet marketing services and has completed over 11,300 projects since 2002 according to founder, Jeff Finkelstein. It’s always a good idea to go with a company with a business history in this author’s opinion. See Mr. Finkelstein’s interview with Grant Hall for more information on services offered by Customer Paradigm.

What about selling products developed by someone else? Affiliate marketing can eliminate product development costs while allowing a business person to reap a profit from another’s widget. Affiliate marketing opportunities are found throughout the internet. You may be interested in an e-mail affiliate marketing course Free of charge. And reputable companies such as ClickBank allow for accurate tracking of sales allowing credit where credit is due for affiliate sales.

In summary, based on the trend as evidenced by certain publically traded companies’ earnings and relative strength combined with what is believed to be a new business friendly environment going forward, the internet may continue to be the hub of choice for new businesses, and once product(s) are developed or affiliate products are selected to market, and experts are consulted, and services as needed are used, new businesses may find their own golden opportunity while working from home.

Sue J. Holtzen

James Clark King, LLC