Avoid Identity Theft: Keeping the Antisocial Personality Disorder at Bay

Being lied to is never fun. Mates and friends can sometimes shave or primp-looking into their own eyes in the mirror while living a lie. I had a relative who cheated on his wife and still managed to shave, looking into his own eyes the night after sleeping with another woman. I wondered how anyone could do that. Years later, I learned from Dr. H. Hernandeza, M.D., Ph.D. the ins and outs of the antisocial personality disorder. Doc would read the two page Psychiatric evaluation or  Psychological report I placed in front of him, converse as he was reading-asking, age, education level, sexual preference, and little else. And five minutes later, he’d could tell me how the man or gal dressed, what color of socks they wore, I suppose,and warn me never to trust the individual with anything important.

Identity theft and many crimes are committed by the antisocial. Sometimes they’re close to you. Family members, spouses, ex-spouses, friends-relatives cheat, lie, and steal identities, and steal money and bank accounts from their “loved ones.” Believe it.

How can you avoid such a disaster? Know your relatives, friends and be honest. I’ve had to do that. I draw from the hundreds of hours spent with Dr. Hernandeza, and I’m honest with myself. Finally.

Uncle lived a life of ups and downs-emphasize downs. Though he was a veteran of two wars, the Army could not discipline Uncle. Twice he was AWOL and was demoted and stuck in the Clink for a time, I’m told. Trouble with jobs, lying to Auntie, poor attendance at school, some scrapes with the law, but not many. And then there was the lying. He lied about what was important and what wasn’t. He lied to sound smart, to prove others wrong, or for no reason at all. It was his trademark, and the hallmark of the antisocial personality disorder. And it took me thirty-five years and a thousand tears to admit it.

Keeping the antisocial at bay-no matter if he or she is friend, relative, or enemy will help minimize the risks of identity theft-or bank identity theft. The antisocial never has enough money and they will steal yours if you let them.

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