Is the U.S.A. a third world country?

Take a good look at the work force in America today as you shop and go about your business. Is the work force like you remember it twenty years ago? Do you notice an obvious illiteracy problem? I do. What about the once-great American work ethic? Has the quality of goods and services disappeared in America? I believe so.

Quality of services and goods are important considerations to establish first world living  standards. Based on what I experience from time to time, I believe the U.S.A. is now a full fledged third world country.

Actual Events in the life of Grant Hall

I enter the hamburger joint famished from seven hours of tape watching. The trip takes twenty minutes. It’s not often I eat a late lunch out, but I need the change of scenery. Time to breathe. Stressed, I wonder out loud if a turn is coming.

The lady takes my order. It’s one I’ve found works for me-tasty and rich in protein without the carbohydrates. A double burger, no salt or peeper, no bun, with tomato, pickles, onion. When asked what I want to drink, I tell her water without ice. “Cheese?” I shake my head.

Twelve minutes later, the burger arrives. It’s in a bun covered and smothered with a pinkish, relish-like substance with a gob of dressing stuck in the middle. There’s no silverware on the tray and the napkins are across the room. She forgets the water.

Once the server gal returns, I tell her it is not the way I ordered it. She shows me the paper strip and says she wrote it down right. Turning, she questions the fry cook, a twenty-something, slender fellow with ear rings and a silver ring in his nose. “That’s the way we make ’em” he declares. Then he turns his back on us.

She offers to make me another one. She’s polite. I wonder out loud what kind of a country I live in when the work force can’t fix a hamburger to order. Obviously, someone in the communication chain  from my order to the server to the fry cook can’t read-or doesn’t want to service his customers’ needs.

I tell her no. She places the eight dollars and change in my hand. I leave and opt for three pieces of fruit gathered from the supermarket in the same mall.

I recall having the same experience with the same chain-one of the last decent burger places left in America. In fact, one place that used to make mistakes with my orders closed some months ago. Seems like others had trouble with their orders, too.

Next, I go the the post office. The line is so long-perhaps a thirty minute wait that I go to the mail center two miles away and pay  three times the normal rate to send my certified mailing.

Another package has to go by way of a private ground carrier. There’s a small line at this store. The lady can’t find “Louisville” in her database. I spell it for her. “The “s” is silent,” I say. She nods.

I walk out and wonder again…. Then think out loud. “Yes, I do live  in a third world country.”

Grant Hall

2 thoughts on “Is the U.S.A. a third world country?

  1. Hi Grant. Having bought your initial book years upon years ago I feel as though I know you and want to affirm your feelings about the third world country we do indeed now seem to live in. Quite a sad disappointment. How I wish it would have been possible to have a service exactly like yours that would be able to do the actual physical work in setting up various bank accounts etc. I have understood how to do it via your succinct dirrections yet physically I am unable to do so due to a medical situation. This makes putting up with the lowered standards of literacy and service ethics all the more irratating. I do so hope you are finding a lot of satisfaction in being able to abvail the information you made available to those who are able to put them into action. My hopeful best wishes to you, a pioneer in the economic frontier of the now American wasteland. Barry

  2. Hi Barry,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Nearly everything outlined in Privacy Crisis Banking can be accomplished online and with minimal travel. And as you know, the financial privacy resources are in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe thus making it possible for customers in a number of countries to benefit from my financial privacy, banking secrecy resources. I expect you can still accomplish your personal and business privacy needs-either now or at a future time. Let me know if you need something I can provide. There will be no charge in your case.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Grant Hall

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