Can you stop identity theft with banking privacy?

How can you stop identity theft before it hits you or a family member? Can banking privacy keep the identity thieves at bay and help you and yours prevent identity theft? Yes.

Identity protection is best preserved through high-level privacy living. In fact, once you learn the key components required to live under the radar, you will not need to depend on part-time corporate employees working for identity theft insurance companies to help you and your family avoid identity theft. Consider this:

Would any rationale human being give his name, address, Social Security number, business address, home and work telephone numbers, credit card information, banking information, and other key financial and personal data to a stranger working for an identity theft insurance company? I think not. However, that’s what you’ll be expected to do IF you make the mistake of buying identity theft insurance-my opinion, of course.

Rather than turn over your personal and confidential information to a stranger on the phone, consider making your banking practices a secret by following these principles:

1. Keep names, Social Security Numbers, off of bank accounts-both business and personal. Use EINs only. Deal with management who want your business and will adhere to your financial privacy requirements. Resources are inside Privacy Crisis Banking.

a. Use trusts, LimIted Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies as described in the books.

b. Use the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account for maximum security for protecting financial privacy as per the description, resources, chart in Privacy Crisis Banking.

2. Register businesses anonymously. Use the Trust Manager Principle.

3. Hold safe deposit boxes anonymously.

a. Resoruces for private safe deposit boxes in Europe and the U.S.A. are inside the books.

As you may not be aware of the true story regarding seizures of bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, businesses by government agencies, banks, states, identity thieves, refer to Privacy Crisis Banking. All cases are sourced with proper footnotes and a bibliography is included for further research.

Banking secrecy prevents huge losses in the event a criminal wants to target your personal or business bank accounts for the big score. Practice keeping your money affairs confidential and you’ll avoid identity theft.

Grant Hall



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