Stop Stalking with financial privacy and a banking secrecy plan

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

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Once you’ve taken care of the basics of privacy living including home privacy, travel privacy, work privacy, and established a communication system that will enable you to live under the radar, it’s time to think about money and banking privacy. Here are some key financial privacy principles to remember and follow:

1. Home owners who finance their property must borrow money privately. Learn how to create an “invisible home mortgage” by reading the chaper on that topic and follow the flow chart that defines this home privacy principle. It’s all in the red, white, blue, and green book to the right of this article. Have a look.

2. Banking secrecy provides for financial privacy and freedom from being tracked and traced by your tormentor. You have several options. The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is the best and provides the best banking secrecy.

3. Check Cashing stores keep your account balance at $0.00. Use them along with an anonymous safe deposit box or a money safe.

Phone stalking, cyber stalking, unwanted private investigations, and garden variety “followers” are all cause for concern, and I would treat each of these privacy intrusions as serous invasions of personal privacy. Any or all of these stalkers will attempt to locate your money, and it will be easier for them to continue their stalking behavior if they know your source of funds. When they cannot find your bank account, home address, investments, you will be on your way to being free again. That’s why banking privacy and financial privacy in general are so important to stopping a stalker.

Key resources you may want to read are both books to the right of this article. With these, you can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously, and my latest book, Privacy Crisis Banking provides resources for bank secrecy, anonymous safe deposit boxes, and all information necesary for keeping your financial life private.

Grant Hall