home privacy and how to avoid identity theft


Privacy seekers should avoid a traditional home mortgage and are advised to borrow money discretely.

Borrowing money while using assets under your control is an ideal way to secure the loan,  and make the purpose of the funds used to purchase a home your home privacy secret.


Please remember to make certain to borrow only according to the provisions of your credit agreements with lending institutions.

When borrowing against property-liquid or illiquid, the astute privacy-living, manager’s objective is to make the source of funds used to purchase the home “invisible”. 

This method of borrowing funds is the exact opposite of how the masses borrow money, and in fact, once a home mortgage is secured, the borrower has provided all who access key credit information with a telescopic view of their financial life and portions of their personal and business life as well.

Essentially, all financial privacy is sacrificed when one borrows money for a house and assumes a traditional home mortgage.

Bank secrecy and credit card privacy will be impossible when one has lenders peeking at his credit bureau reports following the assumption of a traditional home mortgage. And home privacy will be impossible as all who see your credit report will have access to your home address.

Property used for collateral by borrowers with the objective of establishing an “invisible home mortgage” may include a margin stock account and rental real estate property. Both could be used in conjunction as well.

Successful home privacy is accomplished only when the individual cannot be traced from various databases to his actual living quarters, and in order to accomplish this objective, the resident must break all paper and electronic trails from their true name and previous residence.

Do you need an alternate identity for home privacy?

A review of the Identification and Home section of Privacy Crisis will provide guidelines on how serious privacy seekers remain anonymous while living in hotels, motels, homes they control through a trust, apartment living, and Recreational Vehicles.

One is able to rent property in privacy when following guidelines used by those living anonymously as explained fully in the ‘Home’ section of Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

An identity thief will have no clue how to target the anonymous resident whose personal and confidential data cannot be found in data bases used to steal an identity.