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Sue Brady interviews Grant Hall, author, Privacy Crisis series of books. Hall’s new book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property will be available for sale on our website at within a few weeks.

Here’s the interview:

Grant Hall Interview:

Sue: What motivated you to write your new book, Privacy Crisis Banking?

Grant: Over a four year period, we gathered research from website visitors who had a desire to enhance their privacy. The number one category of interest was bank secrecy and financial privacy. Stalking prevention was number two, Identity theft concerns placed third, and general privacy concerns was fourth. Clearly, individuals and businesses want security for their money and property above all other privacy matters.

Sue: I’ve read that traditional banking secrecy havens have rolled over and sold out their high net worth depositors and investors and others as a result of U.S. government pressures and other governments’ interference, too. Are you saying that banking privacy is possible even today in the face of the biggest financial privacy invasion in the history of the world?

Grant: Yes. I banked in traditional banking secrecy jurisdictions during the 1980’s while doing business in Europe. I am well aware of what type of bank secrecy was offered in Switzerland and other countries because I have had first hand experience as a customer. I’d say banking offshore is a mistake today for many.

Sue: How can one bank secretly in the U.S.A.?

Grant: Several options are available for banking in secrecy. Investors and business managers as well as individuals can select from a variety of bank secrecy principles as outlined in the book. For instance, a privately registered Nevada Limited Partnership may serve investors well. Others may want to open a totally secret account I coined, the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Look for the new book, Privacy Crisis Banking soon.

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Thanks and enjoy the book.

Grant Hall

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