California personal privacy crisis; communism in the U.S.A.

The small, sixty-something man limps as he walks toward the service counter. He’s the manager and possibly the owner of the mail center. They’re under contract with the U.S. Postal Service, provide mailing services for extra fees, and serve as agents for private shipping companies. And they sell money orders. Today, I want to pay a fifteen hundred dollar bill. He claims he needs a copy of my I.D. and can only sell money orders totaling one thousand dollars. I say no. I explain personal privacy and how money orders provide for financial privacy for paying bills. He sneers. He doesn’t want to debate it. After I explain my posititon, he refuses service. Now, he doesn’t want to sell me a money order for any amount. I remain firm on my position of personal privacy and leave.

A supermarket provides what I need without questions. The polite lady offers me the use of her pen. Californians often exhibit very good manners.

We’re traveling in California¬†and want to spend time in locations as short term residents. Nearly everyone wants identification and a few want to run credit reports. Several claim criminal investigations will be done. We do not allow nonsense in our lives. Discussions about locked up credit reports and other privacy protection measures are brought up. Few “managers” see my freedom point of view. Many seem brain washed and think it perfectly okay for private industry and government to merge their data banks to watch you. Do you feel free California? Or are you past the point of rational reasoning? I suspect most fit into the latter category.

We are ready to head back to familiar territory and stop at a large supermarket to grab supplies. A police car sits near the entrance. Cameras watch our every move as we drive through the parking lot and I choose a spot some distance from the store. A security guard rolls by and gawks at us. Once inside, we pay with cash. The clerk seems surprised, places the bill toward the light for inspection and nods. It will be good to get home.

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