can a stalking victim stop stalking with financial privacy?

Harassment stalking cases are on the rise as ex spouses and others attempt to secretly monitor the life of their former mate. And the practice may present danger for the stalking victim as crimes are often committed against the stalked by the stalker-sometimes acts of violence.

Monitoring resources often used by the stalker include financial resources such as bank and brokerage accounts held by a victim of harassment stalking.

This article will outline certain steps to break the money paper trail and enable the stalked to gain financial privacy and freedom from the stalker.

Private Bill Payments

An essential privacy principle is the use of non traceable financial instruments to avoid detection of your whereabouts by the stalker or his investigator goons who he may be paying to tap into your credit reports or find your money via asset searches.

Adopt anonymous payment styesms that may include; money orders, cash, prepaid debit cards and gift cards, wire transfers not traceable through the banking system.

Personal Financial Privacy

The use of check cashing stores will eliminate the paper trail of commercial bank accounts and records. Certain stalking victims and others use my highest level of bank secrecy to establish bulletproof financial privacy, and this is the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Check cashing stores with management cognizant of the needs of those who need banking privacy have made substitute number exceptions for key identifiers including the Social Security number. This will prevent privacy-invasive searches by investigators, stalkers, and others who track their prey through traditional data bases.

Look for more information and resources in this column on the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account soon.

Grant Hall