protecting privacy: ultimate bank secrecy account or offshore banking

“Success lies in the hour of decision.”  Jesse Livermore

Before you dive head first into the scam of offshore banking (my opinion), recruit nominees to hold your money-another scam and a dangerous one, in my humble and experienced opinion, or give up entirely on financial privacy, consider a new banking secrecy concept I recently coined, the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

 Use of an Offshore Bank Account Versus The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account

First, let me make it clear that this comparison draws advantages and disadvantages of current accounts only, not investment funds, and there may well be advantages to holding investments in offshore jurisdictions.

An offshore bank account will not provide timely clearance of domestic checks nor will many online services process payments for an offshore account.  These two factors alone make it almost a necessity for an online business or individual who operates according to current modern day financial standards to have a U.S. bank account when he/she lives and works in the U.S.A.

A U.S. bank account will clear any check drawn on a bank in any state within days and can be used to process payments from any number of online third party payment services. And the processing of these payments is almost a necessity for modern day commerce.

How can one acccomplish money privacy and banking secrecy and succeed in protecting privacy in such a privacy-invasive environment as exists in the U.S.A. today?

The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account has been used to hold funds for a business or personal account through an agreement with a manager of a U.S. based financial institution and a company manager or individual who has financial privacy and bank secrecy as a primary objective. Through the use of substitute identifiers, managers provide bonifide identification to the bank while preserving privacy and integrity of the account. Once done correctly as I have written about in Privacy Crisis Banking, the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account will be undetectable and empower one to bank anonyously in the U.S.A.

Always make certain to provide true and correct information to all financial institutions. Do not defraud banks or brokerage houses. It is not necessary and defeats the purpose of personal and business financial privacy and bank secrecy.

Press Release, Book Review for Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property.

Do you fear a bank account garnishment? Worried about a home privacy invasion? Your business and assets may be targets of a white collar criminal, identity thief, government agents, or a greedy ex and her lawyer.

Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property written by Grant Hall and published by James Clark King, LLC is a new book with innovative, financial privacy principles and resources. What a welcome change from theory-laden, outdated, dangerous, nominee banking schemes, risky Hawala transfers, and questionable offshore banking promises! Privacy Crisis Banking teaches self-reliance and keeps “owners” in control of money, property, and businesses. While bureaucracies continue to confiscate wealth from citizens, seize business assets from entrepreneurs, and as crooks case homes and personal property looking for the big score, Privacy Crisis Banking empowers the freedom lover and free thinker with tactics and resources to protect identity, money and property.

Addendum to the original article.

                              Fascism and the Federal Reserve

Did you lose your freedom down at the local bank when you provided your home address, home telephone number, and Social Security number to the bank “manager,”-the part time clerk who interrupts your meeting every few minutes as you ask routine questions about banking policies and privacy.  Bankers and banks dislike your questioning their polices-often they don’t know the source of their money, let alone their bank’s policies. Try asking a manager to define the Federal Reserve System. I did. In fact, a few years ago, I asked ten bank managers to explain the bank of the banks, the Federal Reserve, and not one could do it.

Privacy Crisis Banking, a New Book written by Grant Hall and Published by James Clark King, LLC will be available everywhere books are sold in the Fall, 2011.

                     Excerpt, Chapter 1, Privacy Crisis Banking

The Federal Reserve System is the epitome of irresponsible “fiat money,” without tangibles contributing to its value, and the “business plan” of the Fed is surely an unsound one, were success of the money system the goal of the central bank. It is not.

 The certain course is toward a loss of purchasing power for the population, who must use such a perpetually devaluing money for the purchase of their goods and services and for investment capital. This money, created from debt and leveraged (low member bank reserve requirements), is not intended to be repaid entirely, as you would repay a loan, but its objective is a limitless credit expansion plan for the immediate financial gratification and profit of those being issued the instant credit.

 Greenspan’s early publication (1966) supported a money system with assets (gold) backing the receipts (money). Indeed, the long-time FRB-appointed boss appears to have been for sale to the highest bidder, based on his 180-degree turnaround, from supporting asset-backed currency (gold), to currency created without collateral, except through “indentured slavery” forces applied to the “helpless” citizenry, by causing losses of purchasing power and mandatory taxation without representation.

Read more about why not to use “banking passports and nominees for banking.

You may be interested in our Free financial privacy information courses. Here’s another banking secrecy article that you may have Free of charge called Total Banking Secrecy in the U.S.A.

Our first book, Privacy Crisis provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of high-level privacy principles and tactics. It is the best-selling e-book on ClickBank ( for the fifth straight year.

Privacy Crisis Banking will provide never, before published information on banking secrecy and financial privacy as well as resources for making your money invisible.

Grant Hall

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