protect financial privacy with an invisible home mortgage

Worried about your financial privacy being compromised as you borrow money to buy a home? You should be. Borrowing money without bank secrecy and financial privacy is a sure way to having undesirable eyes peek at your credit report or other confidential personal information which will provide a clear path to your door by someone who you may not want paying you a visit. In Privacy Crisis Banking, my new book, I explain how it is possible to borrow money privately for a home purchase. Indeed, I’ve done that myself. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“I borrowed an amount equal to 100 percent of the value of a property I expected to buy. Of course, I documented the loan from the entity to me personally through the proper meeting, and internal company paperwork was properly completed, as well. The funds were deposited into a bank account held by a trust of which I am the signer, and I am a trustee of the trust holding the bank account.

I negotiated an interest rate of 4% for the life of the loan with a major financial institution. The source of funds was a single, non-secured credit line. I owed the entity for the money loaned to me and advised the institution providing the personal, non-secured loan to pay the entity directly and in full for the amount of my debt. A check was issued, as per my instruction.

Money borrowed from the entity holdings remained in the trust checking account, and I used this money to buy a home for cash.

An invisible home mortgage was created.”

This is the method I and others have used to fund home purchases when privacy is a top priority. Always make certain to have a payment plan in place when money is borrowed. Make sure to follow the provisions and guide lines of your loan agreements with banks and other financial instituions.

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