protecting financial privacy: Ulitmate Bank Secrecy Account

Financial privacy can be achieved in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world when you understand what it takes to conceal your money and property, and implement the bank secrecy methods and private registration techniques necessary to accomplish your business and personal privacy goals. One such method of banking secrecy is the use of the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account. It is a bank secrecy account that has been used by myself and others. It is not generally understood how to obtain such an account. Personal communication skills and key resources matter greatly as one obtains bank secrecy today.

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Privacy Crisis Banking  that explains this type of account. The excerpt is in quotation marks.


Jay and Marge manage a privately registered Nevada Limited Liability Company, which holds websites used to market proprietary products and sell products developed by others as affiliates.

The manager cashes checks received from the business operations at various U.S. based check cashing stores.

A business account was needed to receive online payments for those companies that do not issue paper checks , as well as for holding business receipts until excess cash could be withdrawn for capital expenditures or investment purposes. This account was to be used as a current account only. The company managers use third-party credit card processors only and have no immediate plans to secure their own merchant account.

Management at a check cashing store referenced in this book agreed to open the prepaid debit card bank account in the name of a business name, while using company registration numbers and identity document numbers in lieu of Social Security numbers or employer identification numbers.

The company name is a name that could also be used as a person’s name and is registered as an LLC with an anonymous manger (trust manager principle).

Management at the check cashing store where the prepaid debit card was purchased required the managers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and copies of U.S. passports, and these records were retained by the store. The bank account was opened with the company name only, and substitute SSN’s and EIN’s were used for privacy and security of the account , as per the customers’ requests.

 This account is used for cash deposits, cash withdrawals at many ATMs, and receiving online payments from third-party credit card processors, and the account is managed entirely online. A bank routing number and an account number is provided for this account. The only banking features not included are the ability to write checks and to receive and send wire transfers. For bank secrecy, neither of these services are recommended, and this management used MoneyGram and Western Union for wire transfers and paid bills with money orders, prepaid debit cards, or cash.

This Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is as secure as any current account ever offered by Swiss banks at any time in recent history, based on my experience with Swiss banks.

Bank secrecy has been obtained through the use of a financial institution-a check cashing store-which has a bank sponsor that provided the customers with the banking resources of this sponsor bank. This is an ideal business banking privacy plan for U.S. based businesses.”

Look for my new book, Privacy Crisis Banking soon.

Grant Hall