can financial privacy protect assets?

Want to protect your personal financial privacy and protect assets without the high costs of an asset protection attorney? Do you know how to hide assets without the high costs of forming an offshore asset protection trust or an onshore entity that will withstand an asset search by a troublesome investigator? Certain succsssful privacy experts believe the best asset protection strategies are privacy and due diligence when one has a limited budget and is pressed for time.

This blog and website encourages all readers to abide by applicable laws in their given jurisdiction and the author is not engaged in rendering any professional advice pertaining to legal asset protection. The articles are for privacy protection, banking privacy, banking secrecy, and are intended to empower readers to exercise their rights to financial privacy and  consumer privacy. See a competent professional for accounting, legal, and tax advice.

For bulletproof banking secrecy, set up an “account” with a check cashing store. You will be asked to provide proof of identity with a valid identity document. I never, ever provide a Social Security number or employer identification number to these retail oulets. Likewise, your home address can and should be protected. Keep home privacy by using a mailing address for your business and home in lieu of your actual physical address. Use untraceable phones as your phone contacts.

Once checks are cashed, the storage of cash and other liquid assets without a trace to your name will enable you to protect your assets and prevent asset seizures. And inancial privacy and asset protection provides for other privacy benefits; you can protect identity, preserve home privacy, and avoid identity theft when you practice banking secrecy and financial privacy.

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Our e-book,  Privacy Crisis is available for sale and immediate download. You will learn how to protect assets regardless of your personal and business privacy needs. Financial privacy can be achieved through the use of a sophisticated asset protection program or simply through  hiding assets while exercising your righ to financial privacy.

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