can you make him stop stalking you?

Create a New Identity

Begin using a new name immediately to break the paper trail from your old identity. Stored data won’t be relevant once you begin to be someone else for all unofficial purposes.

Do not lie to law enforcement concerning your true identity. Using an alternate name once you create a new identity should be done only when it’s legal to do so. It is imperative that you check the laws in your jurisdiction prior to assuming a new identity.

When you use a new identity during every day living without revealing the real you to those without a need to know, you can successfully avoid harassment stalking. Privacy living is easier than you may think and your stalker will stop stalking you as his trail to you will be lost.

Avoid harassment stalking through creating a new identity

Renting in a pseudo name will prevent harassment stalking to a degree. This is the first step to escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex spouse or ex lover.

When you buy a house, your use of a pen name for privacy purposes. This privacy living principle combined with holding the property in a trust’s name will do wonders to enhance your personal privacy and home privacy. This is one of the most important aspects of successful privacy living.

Travel, bank, work, live anonymously

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Grant Hall