Grant Hall on how to avoid identity theft through privacy living

You can prevent identity fraud and avoid identity theft, a serious and costly crime when you ensure your privacy protection by living privately. Privacy living does not have to be uncomfortable, expensive, and time consuming. However, you will need to gain some knowledge and expertise in order to make certain to protect your identity without identity theft insurance. Instead of entrusting your personal and business privacy to a third party insurance carrier, I recommend you “self insure” your identity to avoid identity theft.

Home Privacy

Protect identity through the use of a trust, a front entity as the owner of your private castle.

Use the trust’s administrative trustee as required to sign on all county documents. Where do you find such a willing participant? An attorney is a good choice. Perhaps the one who formed the trust will assume those duties.

Mortgage or Cash for funding the home purchase?

I recommend you fund the purchase with borrowed funds that are disguised as explained in Privacy Crisis.

Make certain to follow the terms of your contract(s) with all lenders and institutions that have granted you credit lines.


Don’t blow your cover by facilitating a stolen identity when Mr. White Collar identity thief spots your attractive spread and tries to trace you through utility providers. Keep yourself hidden by making certain your electricity, water, gas, trash, telephone(s), Internet Service Provider, and other providers of household services have no link to you individually. A separate entity-the trust or a nominee or other company can buy these services for your use while keeping your name beneath the radar.

Live under the radar and avoid identity theft and prevent identity fraud thorough these simple home privacy principles.

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Grant Hall