Financial privacy to protect identity

During our four year study on personal privacy, the data gathered conclusively demostrated the following consumer privacy priorites:

1.) Financial privacy, property ownership privacy, and bank secrecy were the top privacy priority for respondents.

2.) Stalking Solutions and stalking prevention ranked number two for those who participated in the study.

3.) Identity theft (all types) was number three.

4.) General privacy concerns including internet and computer privacy, travel and home privacy, and all other categories of personal and business privacy was number four.

Let’s focus on the number one consumer privacy concern; money, property, banking privacy.

Privacy protection has overlapping effects. Protect identity properly and you gain a good deal of financial privacy during the process. For instance, when you do not hold investments-liquid or illiquid in your name and under your Social Security number, it will be difficult for the most sophisticated of identity thieves to commit id theft and you will be exercising your right to financial privacy and gain bank secrecy when you utilize a privately registered entity that cannot be traced to you individually, and have no tax identification number or Social Security number that can be associated with your identity. Think this is impossible to accomplish today as the alphabet agencies and recrently created other sham agencies tell you through their bought-off talking heads that you must relinquish your financial privacy-all for the sake of the security of the homeland? Hogwash!

Learn to follow the leaders of the financial privacy movement who practice their freedom and keep their constitutional rights by keeping their money and property under their control and away from those “hawks” who claim they need to watch over you and your finances.

Review the principles of the Ulimate Bank Secrecy Account by following the link in the above paragraph. More on this in my upcoming book. Stay tuned.

Grant Hall