Can you Live Under the Radar in a Police State?

Wondering why you have to provide finger prints and have your name run through a bad boy/bad girl database just to open a simple checking account down at the local bank? It’s just a thumb print and the data base that you’re checked against is just to make sure you’ve never defrauded a bank. Not such a big deal. Or is it?

How about screening the bank for a change? Have they received government bail out money that will further devalue your purchasing power? Ask their manager to explain the Federal Reserve Sytem to you. I’ll bet he/she can’t. In fact, I’m betting when you question one simple banking policy, the manager will excuse himself and run from your questions, and turn your business down based on you’re being a time-consuming question box and possibly a troublemaker.

The masses are asses and have no idea how the world really works. They resemble the proverbial frog placed in a pot and left to be boiled alive as the temperature slowly rises until finally the frog dies from the heat. Are you a frog in the water? Do you understand the absurdity of being “required” to provide finger prints to a private company in order to store your money with them? Are you capable of critical thinking and do you understand the risks of banking in a police state where your entire net worth can be assessed with the stroke of a few keys by those with the keys to certain databanks?

Ever hear of NORFED, the company that was raided and shut down by government as they allowed an option to the losses of purchasing power through an asset-backed sytem of barter?

Countless companies and individuals have lost everything simply because their assets were an open book to those with the power to access the information and the force to confiscate these assets. Culprits could include identity thieves, sue-happy lawyers, stalkers, disgruntled ex-husbands and wives, ex-employees, various agencies, and others.

Privacy is a big deal to those of us who value our freedom. Many problems could have been avoided if a personal privacy and financial privacy plan had been in place. Perhaps you understand the need for peronal privacy and/or banking secrecy, but have no idea about how to obtain either. We offer Free privacy information courses by email to subscribers. You may be interested in listening to some of Grant Hall’s radio interviews as he discusses personal privacy, banking secrecy, financial privacy, how to avoid identity theft, how to stop stalking and more.

Perhaps you are interested in learning to live an anonymous lifestyle. We recommend Hall’s first book, Privacy Crisis. It is available for purchase and immediate download. You can be reading this e-book within minutes once you pay for it online. His New Book, Privacy Crisis Banking, provides infomation and resources on all aspects of business and personal financial privacy and contains information that has never before been offered in print. Use the same methods and resources modern privacy pros use to shield their business from the outside world.

Book Review:

As more money is poured into banks, more security becomes vital. Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property discusses the importance of security and privacy when managing one’s personal finances and accounts, how to prevent identity theft, and other concerns keep in mind for when banks go wrong. Privacy Crisis Banking is a choice pick for anyone worried about their personal finances. –Midwest Book Review

Always keep everything legal. It is never necessary to break laws for privacy purposes and doing so would defeat the purpose of establishing an anonymous lifestyle.

Thanks. Enjoy the courses and privacy books.

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Avoid Identity Theft: Keeping the Antisocial Personality Disorder at Bay

Being lied to is never fun. Mates and friends can sometimes shave or primp-looking into their own eyes in the mirror while living a lie. I had a relative who cheated on his wife and still managed to shave, looking into his own eyes the night after sleeping with another woman. I wondered how anyone could do that. Years later, I learned from Dr. H. Hernandeza, M.D., Ph.D. the ins and outs of the antisocial personality disorder. Doc would read the two page Psychiatric evaluation or  Psychological report I placed in front of him, converse as he was reading-asking, age, education level, sexual preference, and little else. And five minutes later, he’d could tell me how the man or gal dressed, what color of socks they wore, I suppose,and warn me never to trust the individual with anything important.

Identity theft and many crimes are committed by the antisocial. Sometimes they’re close to you. Family members, spouses, ex-spouses, friends-relatives cheat, lie, and steal identities, and steal money and bank accounts from their “loved ones.” Believe it.

How can you avoid such a disaster? Know your relatives, friends and be honest. I’ve had to do that. I draw from the hundreds of hours spent with Dr. Hernandeza, and I’m honest with myself. Finally.

Uncle lived a life of ups and downs-emphasize downs. Though he was a veteran of two wars, the Army could not discipline Uncle. Twice he was AWOL and was demoted and stuck in the Clink for a time, I’m told. Trouble with jobs, lying to Auntie, poor attendance at school, some scrapes with the law, but not many. And then there was the lying. He lied about what was important and what wasn’t. He lied to sound smart, to prove others wrong, or for no reason at all. It was his trademark, and the hallmark of the antisocial personality disorder. And it took me thirty-five years and a thousand tears to admit it.

Keeping the antisocial at bay-no matter if he or she is friend, relative, or enemy will help minimize the risks of identity theft-or bank identity theft. The antisocial never has enough money and they will steal yours if you let them.

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