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You can protect your privacy when you have the informaton and resources based on your unique needs and circumstances and apply yourself to obtain the privacy that you require. Protecting privacy is basic to living as a free person.

A subscriber writes with the following questions:

“How can I open a bank acccount and avoid having it discovered if an investigator searches for my money? How can I prevent a garnishment if I ever have a problem that may make me subject to one?




Grant Hall: Opening a bank account that will not be discovered during an asset search is doable. Personal and business money can be protected when one has the information and resources necessary to keep your money and assetss private. Preventing seizures of any kind requires that your name and tax identifiers do not lead to the money you intend to protect. Also, entities should be used to hold business and personal money. See the books for study and more explanation for your specific needs.


Here is a promotional  piece reproduced by the publisher, James Clark King, LLC:
Privacy Crisis Banking empowers readers with high-level
financial privacy and banking secrecy principles and resources that are used by
the pros. Bank, cash checks, open an safe deposit box without a Social Security
number. Create an “invisible home mortgage,” protect identity and family from
home, work, privacy invasions.

Privacy Expert, Jack Dunning, says this about Privacy Crisis Banking: “Beat the
Bankers at their own game with the Ultimate
Bank Secrecy Account.” 
Here is Jack’s
review of the book:

“I want to tell you about a fascinating man
I have known for over six years who has probably forgotten more about privacy
than most privacy advocates know. His name is Grant Hall and he has just
published his latest book on the subject: Privacy Crisis Banking; Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect
Identity, Money, and Property.
If you are looking
for the ultimate in privacy protection, Grant will show you how it’s done in
the volume’s 175 pages.”
Jack Dunning, Daily Kos

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said this about Hall’s first
book, Privacy Crisis: “ The
Most Valuable Identity Theft and Financial Privacy Book-EVER”
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Helicopter Surveillance creates demand for home privacy, banking secrecy

Helicopters fly over our city dwelling daily. They either have the city police marking or have no identification on the outside. Sometimes, they team up with police cars, trying to corner speeders and others accused of something. But most of the time they just cruise around watching citizens’ homes below. Imagine the cost of the fuel power and manpower it takes to watch the population live from above.

One has to question the motive of such operations-regardless of which agency or city is ordering the surveillance. Sadly, public opinion seldom questions anything these days. We’ve such an aware public these days. I’ve encountered an M.B.A. student who couldn’t define the Federal Reserve System, had hamburgers brought to me different than I ordered them twice in the last three weeks at two restaurants, waited fifteen minutes for a wheatgrass order at a juice bar, but still didn’t get my juice, and had a shipping company employee ask me how to spell “Louisville.” All in one week.

Back to the surveillance issue. Why are you and I being watched and what can you do about it?

For starters, do you care? Many don’t  or seem to not care. Maybe you do. Hopefully. Home privacy is right up there with money and banking privacy as priorities for those  of us who do value our privacy. Once someone knows where you live, they’ll use that data to track your money, credit, automobile, employer, family members and their money, property, employers, and on and on. You get the idea. See the value of home privacy and banking secrecy? Unless you have it, you’ll risk being stalked, tracked, traced, risk having your identity stolen, and a whole lot of other nightmares you don’t need.

One guy uses an extreme level of privacy protection to preserve his home privacy. Living off the grid in one form or another will assure that you protect identity from all who fly over or drive by your place of residence. Privacy seekers may own, rent, or live the mobile lifestyle. All methods work when home privacy care is taken to preserve the identities of those who want to live under the radar, and be free from data bases that house the names associated with the homes viewed by those nosey whirly birds that keep you under surveillance.

Money or links to it can be found once your name is associated with your house. So take the time to keep your home private. You can create an invisible home mortgage to eliminate your home being found through credit bureau files and lender records. That’s the first step to keeping your financial privacy secrets.

Once you determine your financial privacy needs, you can begin to explore your options. Banking secrecy and financial privacy protection are important components of a privacy lifestyle. Remember to think for yourself and read and listen to what experts have done  to shield their homes and money from all who might want to dicover  a private castle or hidden treasure. With enouggh time, effort, and study, you can learn how to keep your freedom and enjoy your privacy knowing that your home address and bank account location is your business only, and wil not be found through database searches, and you and your loved ones will not be subjected to privacy invasions or confiscations of any kind.

Grant Hall



Painful Privacy Crisis Memories

Some years ago, my world was turned upside down during a long, four year ordeal during which I learned how to live under the radar in order to escape “stalkers” who sought me for unjust reasons. This piece will highlight certain memories of that difficult and memorable learning experience.

Pressure is like a double edged sword: some is necessary to stimulate the mind while too much makes the bearer of extreme stress question his purpose. Imagine the loneliness of an isolated life, absent close relationships, and being forced into self reliance and survival mode while being hunted by human animals with unlimited resources.

In the beginning, I hated this stretch of time as I was forced to learn skills and live  roles I’d never envisioned myself playing. Aside from the content of my new life being so foreign to my previous life experiences, the obvious nagging question haunted me. Why?

Once the period of denial of my circumstances passed, life became fun again, and I learned to appreciate what became truly important: living in the moment, being grateful for good health and pleasant surroundings.  My adjustment process continued and my focus centered around programming my thought processes toward turning this negative that had initially devastated me into a life-changing positive happening. Once I accepted my plight, it became my goal to succeed-to defeat my enemies. My animal instincts kicked in.  I was positive I could win as I planned and meditated.

My name became a different name. My private automobile registration made me unidentifiable to all who ran my plates-law enforcement included. Rental properties were temporary homes lasting for a few weeks to a few months. Work was concealed as my newly formed company served as my front entity to shield my identity from the world and my enemies. Money was safeguarded through more company names registered anonymously to keep the predators at bay.

I found no answers to the hard questions. I consulted, experimented, learned, and succeeded in remaining “invisible” as I developed skills and principles enabling me to travel, bank, work, and live anonymoulsy.  During this period of my lifetime, all relationships were severed. No one was spared the ax. Winning is everything. At least I thought so at the time. The price tag was indeed high, though necessary.

Learning  how to “disappear” is not the hardest part of living a high-level privacy life. The academics of it all are fairly straight forward, though privacy principles and concepts can be complicated, depending on one’s circumstances. The real challenge to living beneath the radar is the adjustment to life in the unnatural state that saps one’s energy reserves and creates the “intellectual hermit” that one must become in order to live such a low profile life successfully without the liklihood of ever being found.

Privacy at the very highest level is hard work.  My experiences will, I hope, make it possible to shorten the learning curve of gaining successful anonymous living information when the unexpected happens and creates a Privacy Crisis for you.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis Banking and Privacy Crisis


Privacy Experts Endorse Grant Hall’s Privacy Crisis Banking, Privacy Crisis Books

There is no greater career satisfaction than to be respected by one’s peers.

Privacy expert Jack Dunning has written positive comments about Grant Hall’s latest book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Plan to Protect Identity, Money, and Property.

While bank secrecy is never an uncomplicated affair, the new book that is available as an e-book and as a hardbound copy provides financial privacy options for individuals and businesses that want to keep money and property under the radar and free from seizure and confiscation. Read Jack Dunning’s article that was posted on the www.TucsonCitizen.com and links back to his blog at www.nastyjackbuzz.blogspot.com.

Key Components of Financial Privacy

For the ultimate in banking secrecy and financial privacy, keep your bank accounts and real property holdings anonymous by using front entities as the owners of record while maintaining control of the property by being in control of these entities. Here is a free starter series of e-mail courses provide an ntroduction to banking secrecy and financial privacy:


In order to fully understand privacy living, it is ideal to read certain articles Hall has written on various aspects of business and personal privacy. Here are a selected group of articles pulled from our website that may be of interest:





Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living authored by Grant Hall is also endorsed by a well known privacy advocate, world renowned privacy expert, Mr. Elliot, Founder and President of 24-7 Private Vaults, Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s what Mr. Elliot said about Hall’s first book:

right to privacy “PRIVACY CRISIS is the most valuable
identity theft and financial privacy
book – EVER.”
Elliot Shaikin, World renowned privacy expert &
president, 24/7 Private Vaults.

Both books, Privacy Crisis and Privacy Crisis Banking are available for purchase and immediate download. Buy the books here. You can be reading these e-books in just five minutes from now. Privacy Crisis Banking is available as a hardcover and may be purchased here:


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Privacy Crisis Banking: Key to Banking Secrecy

The talking heads and their masters would love for you to join the sheeple-like robots and give your personal and business banking information to everyone who asks for it so that you and your business’ financial privacy becomes non-existent, and instead is traceable to anyone claiming the authority to view it. Of all the communist/fascist-like behavior imposed on a population, the theft of personal information-financial privacy, banking informtion, medical data, home ownership records, has to rank at the top in terms of blatent abuses of personal liberty and freedom.

Just Say NO

For those of you who still have some spirit left and who are atuned to the dangers of letting government and criminals access your personal and business financial data, Privacy Crisis Banking may be a book you want to check out. Inside the book are resources used by privacy experts worldwide to keep banking privacy and establish an “invisible home mortgage,” and more. You will find that all of this is not as difficult as you may have imagined.

Discover how easy it is to:

Bank, cash checks, and open a safe depost box without a Social Security number or Employer Identification number.

Prevent garnishments, property seizures, and bank identity theft.

Use the right financial institutions for your business and personal banking privacy-company names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites are inside this book.

Borrow money privately and create an “invisible mortgage.”

Thanks for reading.

About Grant Hall,  Author of Privacy Crisis Banking.

Grant Hall, author of two books and many business and privacy articles, has been successfully practicing financial privacy and bank secrecy since 1980 and is the leading authority on how to keep money and property safe from thefts and seizures. He has been quoted by ABC News and been the featured guest on talk shows concerning privacy matters.

Read Hall’s articles, buy his books at www.PrivacyCrisis.com

James Clark King, LLC


Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis Series of Books