Your Right to Financial Privacy

 Right to financial privacy

Bankers and banks dislike your questioning their polices-often they don’t know the source of their money, let alone their bank’s policies.

Try asking a manager to define the Federal Reserve System. I did. In fact, a few years ago, I asked ten bank managers to define the Federal Reserve System, and not one could do it.

Think the member banks of the Federal Reserve System have a right to track and trace you and your property? Whose money is it anyway? Do they want your SSN, home address, home telephone number, and previous banking historical information to track and trace you so that when you become suspicious, they can “freeze” your account? Is carrying cash grounds for having it taken by law enforcement?

Today, residents of  Police State U.S.A. need banking secrecy more than any time in history. Citizens’ money and property are being confiscated without cause. A truck driver’s truck was searched and police discovered $432,000, the money was taken, the driver was not charged, and he was released.

Do you risk having your cash or bank account stolen by criminals, discovered by private investigators, or fear an account garnishment by “you know who?”

Privacy Crisis Banking is a New Book written by Grant Hall and Published by James Clark King, LLC. The book will be available everywhere books are sold during the Fall, 2011.

Read  about why not to use “banking passports and nominees for banking.

See the full cover of Privacy Crisis Banking.

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Privacy Crisis Banking will provide never, before published information on banking secrecy and financial privacy as well as resources for making your money invisible. You can learn how to create an “invisible mortgage,” cash checks and bank online without a Social Security number, and register a business privately-without a trace to your identity. Resources for banking secrecy are included in Privacy Crisis Banking. Available as an e-book on our site, through e-readers, and hardcover everywhere books are sold, fall, 2011.

Grant Hall, Author, Privacy Crisis Series of books

James Clark King, LLC, Publisher

Privacy Crisis Banking: excerpts from Grant Hall’s New Book

Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property is a New book written by Grant Hall and published by James Clark King, LLC. The book will be available for purchase as an e-book from this website and as a hardcover in bookstores everywhere. Look for the book in the fall of 2011. You can have financial privacy and banking secrecy in the U.S.A. and in other parts of the world.

Here are excerpts from Chapter 8: Offshore and Domestic Banking Considerations and Preparation


I grew up reading a number of privacy books whose authors wrote about escaping greedy ex-wives and their money-grubbing attorneys, or other undesirable people or circumstances many of us have to deal with during crisis periods in our lives. These authors touted the virtues of living under the radar on sandy beaches in faraway places, to escape the shafting penalties handed down by courts to “innocent” plaintiffs. And mentioned within these fairy tale paragraphs were stories of how “so and so” had purchased the ultimate remedy to stave off the enemy—a “banking passport” from an offshore “broker” who sold bogus passports issued by defunct countries. Please don’t fall for this out-dated, worn-out scam. Provide true and correct information to financial institutions which meet your business needs and privacy requirements.

Upon reflection, the stories of luring the gullible escapers of reality to their new promised land with unidentifiable money—disguised through a fake passport issued by a country that had its name changed—seem more outrageous today than when I first read of these tales some thirty-odd years ago. I imagine there are far more failures than successes concerning the use of phony passports sold for banking purposes. Don’t participate in these frauds. Such tactics may provide Big Bureaucrat, in any number of jurisdictions, with all the ammunition he needs to seize your assets and throw your ass in jail pronto.

Treat offshore banking as you would any new business venture. Do your research, prepare your application(s), gather your references, make contact with prospective institutions, and be honest and truthful about yourself, your business, and your requirements—and you will do fine.


Not much has changed since my writing and speaking campaigns against the use of banking nominees, first exposed in late 2006. That’s when Privacy Crisis, first edition, was published, and I’ve followed up with my comments on the subject during interviews on talk shows since that time. Always, I have advised against the use of having someone else be in control of your assets, the one and only exception being when one is disabled and cannot make his or her own decisions. But to use another to control money for privacy purposes is a bad idea—an idea formed without the full benefits associated with study, time, and experience with experts and the practical application of using bank secrecy in real time while under fire, as I had to do once in my life. And I used the same entities, with the same structures, outlined in this book and Privacy Crisis. Doing so, I managed to escape unscathed and without spending one thin dime on legal costs for a matter that could have resulted in substantial costs, had the structure to prevent the damages not been in place and had I not had the knowledge base of privacy living to make myself “invisible.” 

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James Clark King, LLC, Publisher

Grant Hall, Author 



Financial privacy and banking secrecy will stop stalking

Financial privacy and banking secrecy are important personal privacy considerations necessary for stalking victims who want their abuser to stop stalking.

As a stalking victim, you will want to utilize business and personal privacy principles and methods proven to be successful-the ones the pros use who practice privacy on a daily basis and who live under the radar.

We would like to call your attention to our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis that may be of interest to you when your life is being ruined by an internet stalker or the garden variety, stalker. It matters not how you are being stalked-the imporant thing is to begin to make your life private in order to stop the stalking and regain your freedom.

Typically, the very serious stalker will tap into credit reports or hire investigators to access your personal property information and banking and investment information. Because of these serious privacy invasions, the stalking victim will want to utilize all of our proven personal and busines privacy resources as described in our books.

In case you want to know how privacy experts and customers regard the book, Privacy Crisis, take a look at these testimonials:

e-Book Reader Testimonials
Here’s what experts and readers are
saying about PRIVACY
CRISIS by Grant

Bullet Point Testimonial “Privacy Crisis helped me solve a lot of
problems about how to use money, make
business and purchase merchandise
without the corrupt government having to
know everything that I do. As a anti-IRS
advocate there are many ways to work
around them and actually live comfortable
without using your own name. I don’t do
anything illegal, but I just like the comfort
of knowing I can’t be trapped into their

Bullet Point Testimonial “When people say “I can’t get my checks
cashed, I say “read Grant Hall”.

When people tell me privacy is gone, I say
“you haven’t read Grant Hall”.

When I hear complaints that snoops and
dangerous do-gooders are everywhere, I
agree, and say “but you haven’t read Grant

Last time I mentioned Grant to a friend I
was telling him that for a few bucks, he
could be reading the answers to his
frustrating privacy puzzles within minutes
if he downloads “Privacy Crisis”, by Grant
Hall. I told him the great lesson I see in
Grant’s book is that intelligent
inventiveness and Yankee ingenuity
will never die. His facial expression
changed from angry to enlightened,
and I knew he was going to buy Grant
Hall’s great book… “Privacy Crisis”.

Now in my mid – 60’s I wish I understood
the fundamental urgency for privacy and
keen discretion as a younger man in this
world of nosy snoops. I now know the
value of privacy in an unfree world.
Privacy is my motto and my modus, my
ticket to freedom nothing else can
afford…”Privacy Crisis” is an important
tool to be considered at the outset of
any sensitive issue.

“Privacy Crisis” is a book that can bring
practitioners layers of insulation from
intruders and re-establishing being in
actual and complete control. Bravo
Grant, “Privacy Crisis” is a treasure!

Bullet Point Testimonial “I have to say, your book is the
best book on privacy I’ve ever read, by far.
I have read a number of other privacy-
oriented books, including J.J. Luna’s How
to be Invisible
, Michael Chesbro’s The
Privacy Handbook
and Robert Mintz’s The
Privacy Plan
(and several others). These
books have useful perspectives but are
not in the same league as your book…”
David Jack Quilty (alternate name)

Privacy Crisis contains information on all aspects of business and personal privacy and is jam packed with proven principles and concepts that empower you to travel, bank, work, and live under the radar.

Grant Hall’s NEW book, Privacy Crisis Banking will be available everywhere books are sold in ALL formats during the fall of 2011. Have a look at the cover of the new book at the link below:

The New book, Privacy Crisis Banking is packed full of guidance on how to make your personal and business financial life private and banking secrecy resources are included.


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