stalking victims stop stalking with home privacy

Home privacy is key to stopping stalking and stalking victims must take the time to learn how to live anonymously whether they rent or own their home.

Home privacy is the foundation of a stalking victim’s personal privacy program to stop stalking.

Here are some articles that may provide valuable information for stalking victims who risk danger from an abusive husband, disgruntled ex, internet stalker, or other stalker.

It is possible to rent a home or apartment without revealing your most personal and confidential information. Most of the time, you will be asked for your name, Social Security number, place of employment, previous home address, and financial information. The reason why it is impossible to have home privacy when such details are revealed to a property manager is because your credit report will reflect the inquiry made as you apply for a rental property, thus alerting your tormentor or his goon squad of your whereabouts when they tap into your credit bureau files.

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There are overlapping effects to various aspects of personal privacy. We recommend you study and learn all you can about business and personal privacy living in order to escape from your troublesome, dangerous stalker.

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