your right to credit card financial privacy

Credit card privacy and your right to financial privacy can be accomplished today in the U.S.A. and worldwide.

Using checks is not a good idea for routine bill payments as the payee who receives your check as payment will have information leading to your bank account. Instead of checks, cash, money orders, and anonymous gift credit cards will keep your money your business, and preserve your right to financial privacy.

Credit card privacy is best accomplished through the limited use of credit lines, through the “freezing” of credit bureau files, and by changing account numbers periodically. Your bank will cancel a card and issue a different number when one believes there is a chance of fraud based on any number of suspicious happenings.

Banking privacy is discarded by the masses for the most part as they believe this type of financial privacy is not doable, and this belief is reinforced as the media talking heads make the viewing public believe that the government-your employer, has the right to your most personal and confidential information, including your Social Security number, Mother’s maiden name, home address, home telephone number, employment information, and credit bureau information. Some banks have adopted the practice of fingerprinting their customers in certain instances.

We believe the current banking customer model forced on the uninformed public is designed to track, trace, and control the population. And we do not believe freedom minded people should give up their right to financial privacy as they should strive to bank secretly while following all laws, but while still exercising their privacy rights.

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Banking Privacy Preserves your right to financial privacy and Prevents Account Seizures

Have you given up on banking privacy? Tired of offshore bank account hype? Did you know that you can learn to take back your right to financial privacy?

You can take back your privacy rights by duplicating the methods that have worked for our privacy experts.

Traditional banking havens have rolled over to the pressures of big bureaucrat and no longer have your best interest in mind based on our research and in the experienced opinion of this author.

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Are you worried about a bank account seizure or property confiscation? Concerned about your business being shut down? Tired of being treated as a criminal when you attempt to open a bank account?

What about your Right to Financial Privacy?

Banks may demand finger prints, multiple identifications, credit checks, and ChexSystems screenings-all for the “privilege” of opening a checking account.

You can avoid bank seizures with bank secrecy.
You may be interested in learning how privacy experts bank secretly in the U.S.A.

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learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere.
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Chapter 15: Anonymous Banking, Chapter 17: Private Investments, Chapter 18: Real Estate and Hard Assets provide financial privacy


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stop harassment stalking with an offshore address

Stop harassment stalking by utilizing an offshore address to make the world and your internet stalker or other stalker believe you have moved out of the country.

Your ruse address will have to appear real in order to avoid a home privacy invasion or other personal privacy intrusion that stalking victims endure. Are you serious about stopping your stalking problem?

You can escape your enemy, but you’ll have to “move” in order to accomplish this feat. And your new home address will necessarily have to be recorded in all data bases that matter. This means your mail nominee at your official address-in whatever country you choose to move to-will have to receive your mail and forward it back to you.

We have evidence over many years of privacy experts using this offshore address privacy tactic to secure themselves and their families. Stalking victims, too, have repeatedly using this privacy principle as well as other concepts to escape their stalker.

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privacy book explains how to avoid a home privacy invasion with an offshore address

Your success in avoiding a home privacy invasion by all criminals depends on your creating a location illusion, and an offshore address used correctly will empower you and your family to escape privacy invasive data bases.

Does SWAT know where you LIVE?  You and your family may be in danger.

Innocent residents have been killed by police who storm homes without due process. You can protect privacy when you use the principles used by successful privacy experts.

An offshore Address for home privacy is a privacy principle that prevents a home intrusion.  This privacy tactic will create the location illusion of your offshore residency while your actual home address remains hidden to all who rely on data bases to give them your home address location. You can make your offshore address your official address and retain your personal privacy.

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Refer to these useful chapters to guarantee the safety of your family:

Chapter 6: The Mobile Lifestyle: Living in Secrecy

This method of home privacy may be the most secure form of privacy living.

Chapter 7: The Anonymous Resident

Rent a home anonymously. Learn how privacy experts have created a location illustion through the use of privacy living principles as outlined in this valuable personal privacy living chapter.

Chapter 8: Private Home Ownership

Discover the entity of choice for holding property anonymously. Use concepts never before revealed. Hall’s own home is owned through principles outlined in this chapter.

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offshore address key to home privacy crisis solution

Home privacy is essential to avoid an unwanted personal privacy invasion, and an offshore addresss is key to assisting you and your family create a location illusion.

You may want to use of an offshore address for personal privacy purposes and this address could prevent an unwanted, even fatal event such as occurred to a Utah man when police stormed his home.

This column does not condone smoking pot as the man was doing in his home, and we encourage all to follow the laws in their particular jurisdiction. The purpose of my writing on the use of an offshore address for home privacy purposes is to provide law abiding citizens-not criminals, with a personal privacy principle that will enable them to avoid unwanted dangers and harm from all who may want to invade a private home.

As the war on drugs continues, law enforcement sometimes shoots first and asks questions later, as one war veteran was killed in his home, and police admit he did not break any laws.

Innocent citizens have been gunned down in their homes as described in the above link to the article. Is it not prudent for you, the law abiding family or individual to “escape” from the enforcers of the current police state by utilizing an offshore address for home privacy?

IF you choose to use an offshore address, you’ll need to actually receive your mail there and make certain those who keep tabs on your home address record this address as the offshore mailing address.

We offer a free personal privacy e-mail course that may be of interest to those who choose to exercise their right to privacy while preserving their home privacy to ensure against unwanted intrusions, and harm from all criminals.

Our best-selling identity theft book provides personal privacy tactics that empower you to keep your home safe from intruders and several options are available in this e-book that can be purchased and downloaded within five minutes from now.

Part III of Privacy Crisis contains four chapters on home privacy:

Chapter 6: The Mobile Lifestyle: Living in Secrecy

Some people choose to live anonymously while being mobile and they are able to move quickly should the need arise. This may be the most secure method of home privacy.

Chapter 7: The Anonymous Resident

It’s possible to rent or own your home in total secrecy. Learn how to protect identity as you live privatley-whether you rent or own your residence. A valuable resource for those who are bothered by a dangerous stalker and who need to learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

Chapter 8: Private Home Ownership

When you believe it’s time to buy a house, this chapter provides information on how to use a front entity to conceal your name form privacy invasive databases. Fatal or harmful home invasions by all criminals are avoided when your name does not surface through databank searches. Learn how to be invisible as you live anonymously and privately.

Chapter 9: Storage

Your offsite storage facility can be used for storing emergency items. How can you keep the storage locker anonymous and free from seizures? This chapter of the e-book explains all the details you’ll need as you adopt a privacy lifestyle.

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offshore address key to credit card privacy

An offshore address can be noted in the comments section of your credit bureau files report to alert all who see it that you now reside offshore, and such a high-level, home privacy, and financial privacy tactic will go a long way in preserving your credit card privacy. Next, you may “freeze” your credit bureau files so that only those who do business with you or whomever you allow access to your credit files knows your address.

Banking privacy and credit card privacy are important privacy living components of your personal privacy plan, and you have a right to financial privacy, and your risks of a privacy invasion will be minimized once you utilize an offshore address as your offical address. Such a privacy measure will be extremely helpful as you prevent anyone from invading your consumer prvacy.

If you’re bothered by a stalker, you can stop the stalking through the use of an offshore address designed to ensure your home privacy as well as your banking privacy. Phone stalking and other forms of harassment stalking will not occur when your home address is believed to be out of the country. In fact, any stalking crime or financial privacy invasion will not occur when your home address, telephone, credit card account records, and other bank records lead to an address in another country.

A Trust bank account held in a name without any association to your true name can be a good financial privacy idea. Simply open a trust checking account, obtain a separate Employer Identification Number, and deposit funds payable to either yourself or the trust’s name into the account. Read more about financial privacy and banking secrecy in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis.

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