identity theft solutions: prevent bank identity theft

Identity theft solutions are your responsibility! You have the power to protect your identity and your money when you practice personal privacy living methods and principles.

Protect your identity and your money by practicing financial privacy without using a bank or through the use of another entity in place of your name.

Trust Checking Account

Through the use of a trust as the holder of the checking account, you can create a “new identity” to protect your identity and avoid having your name surface when identity thieves attempt to find your money. Care must be taken, however. Keep the trust’s name unrelated to your name and obtain the Employer Identification number anonymously. Perhaps you can convince a banker to open the account your way. I did. And why shouldn’t you be able to have the account titled as you want it? It is your money. If you can’t get the trust account set up as you want it, you may want to consider opting out and ditch commercial banking altogether.

Check Cashing Stores

I have used check cashing stores for many years. These are the retail outlets that loan money to consumers at highway robbery interest rates. I’m indifferent about their loans because I don’t use them. However, I do favor these services for consumer privacy or “banking privacy,” as these institutions are far more consumer friendly than banks in my experienced opinion and based on my years of using them to accomplish bank secrecy.

You can accomplish banking secrecy and prevent bank identity theft through the use of a check cashing store. Don’t provide your Social Security number or home address, and don’t give them a thumb or finger print. I’m amazed at how many consumers roll over like timid little puppies when asked by “authority types” to sacrifice their privacy. Not I. I keep my privacy-financial and otherwise. Perhaps you should learn how to prevent bank identity theft, too as well as avoid property seizures and bank account garnishments. It’s all in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis. You can buy the book and begin reading how to regain your financial privacy and avoid identity theft in just five minutes from now!

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avoid medical identity theft through privacy protection

You can prevent medical identity theft and avoid all types of identity theft through privacy living. The Social Security number is the most important personal identifier and it must be protected in order to successfully avoid medical identity theft.

Avoid identity theft while protecting personal privacy

When scheduling a medical appointment, carefully guard your Social Security number, not just to avoid medical identity theft, but to avoid Social Security number fraud, too. Fifty million illegal aliens and countless white collar criminals who practice identity theft as their crime of choice want your Social Security number. Avoid providing your SSN to Ms. Senior Clerk who shoves forms at you when you arrive for your medical appointment or asks for it over the phone when you call to make an appointment for yourself or your family member.

How can you avoid medical identity theft through keeping your SSN mum when it’s “required” on the medical form? Take a peek at my article written on the subject. These happenings are true and will provide some guidance on how to retain your privacy when you need it most. You will find as you continue to live privately that communication is important to getting what you want. And for the record, I have encountered resistance only once in twenty years from a medical provider while refusing to provide my SSN.

Identity theft and fraud crimes are skyrocketing as an economic depression grips the U.S.A. And medical identity theft is making headlines these days. It’s especially dangerous if you or your family are medical id theft victims as this crime could cause your health insurance policy to be placed on hold, thus preventing you from receiving important treatment while the mess is being sorted out.

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how to protect your identity with one personal privacy decision

The single most important personal privacy decision you can make to protect your identity and avoid identity theft is to refuse to provide your Social Security number to anyone unless you are required by law to provide it.

Prevent identity theft through personal privacy living that includes guarding your Social Security number. And when you do this, there will be positive personal privacy gained as money, assets, home, property, and other personal information will be difficult to access when the identity thief cannot find your SSN anywhere.

If you’re liable for taxes, it will be necessary to provide your SSN on a personal tax return. Those in the know limit their use of this nine digit numberical identifier to the tax return. Nothing else unless a statute requires providing it. The other exception may be that when a good or service is so valuable that the providing of the SSN to receive said good or service might justify giving it to the agency or business requesting it.

I have not memorized my SSN. So, in the event someone or an agency requests it, advance notice will be required in order for me to comply-if I decide to comply.

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can you make him stop stalking you?

Create a New Identity

Begin using a new name immediately to break the paper trail from your old identity. Stored data won’t be relevant once you begin to be someone else for all unofficial purposes.

Do not lie to law enforcement concerning your true identity. Using an alternate name once you create a new identity should be done only when it’s legal to do so. It is imperative that you check the laws in your jurisdiction prior to assuming a new identity.

When you use a new identity during every day living without revealing the real you to those without a need to know, you can successfully avoid harassment stalking. Privacy living is easier than you may think and your stalker will stop stalking you as his trail to you will be lost.

Avoid harassment stalking through creating a new identity

Renting in a pseudo name will prevent harassment stalking to a degree. This is the first step to escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex spouse or ex lover.

When you buy a house, your use of a pen name for privacy purposes. This privacy living principle combined with holding the property in a trust’s name will do wonders to enhance your personal privacy and home privacy. This is one of the most important aspects of successful privacy living.

Travel, bank, work, live anonymously

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My e-book has privacy living principles and concepts that provide methods to avoid cyber stalking, phone stalking, and stalking victims have found it most valuable as they learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

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Grant Hall on how to avoid identity theft through privacy living

You can prevent identity fraud and avoid identity theft, a serious and costly crime when you ensure your privacy protection by living privately. Privacy living does not have to be uncomfortable, expensive, and time consuming. However, you will need to gain some knowledge and expertise in order to make certain to protect your identity without identity theft insurance. Instead of entrusting your personal and business privacy to a third party insurance carrier, I recommend you “self insure” your identity to avoid identity theft.

Home Privacy

Protect identity through the use of a trust, a front entity as the owner of your private castle.

Use the trust’s administrative trustee as required to sign on all county documents. Where do you find such a willing participant? An attorney is a good choice. Perhaps the one who formed the trust will assume those duties.

Mortgage or Cash for funding the home purchase?

I recommend you fund the purchase with borrowed funds that are disguised as explained in Privacy Crisis.

Make certain to follow the terms of your contract(s) with all lenders and institutions that have granted you credit lines.


Don’t blow your cover by facilitating a stolen identity when Mr. White Collar identity thief spots your attractive spread and tries to trace you through utility providers. Keep yourself hidden by making certain your electricity, water, gas, trash, telephone(s), Internet Service Provider, and other providers of household services have no link to you individually. A separate entity-the trust or a nominee or other company can buy these services for your use while keeping your name beneath the radar.

Live under the radar and avoid identity theft and prevent identity fraud thorough these simple home privacy principles.

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cash banking secrecy: a financial privacy option

Stalking victim, Wilma Bollockstein wants to ensure that she has financial privacy to stop the stalking that her ex husband has been engaged in for some eleven years. Wilma’s wake up call came three years ago following a broken nose, a concussion, and a left eye battered and damaged so severely that she lost thirty-five percent of her sight in that eye. This followed a fractured spine, two broken ribs and numberous beatings requiring hospitalization. It took all of this for Wilma to follow the guidelines in the big red, white and blue e-book to your right.

Today, this ex stalking victim’s task is to make her financial privacy bulletproof so that her antisocial ex and his band of private investigator goons can no longer trace her through the money trail that is left by 99.9% of the masses whose assets and property are capable of being watched-even seized by any court or agency that believes they have claim to the property. And such seizures are occurring more and more frequently as governments scramble to make fiscal ends meet now that they’re broke and cannot collect as much tax revenue as in previous years.

Wilma uses check cashing stores to clear her checks issued to her “employer,” a privately registered Nevada Limited Liability Company that receives payment for her salary as a medical technician. This arrangement was structured just as the big red, white and blue book advised, and has concealed her from those privacy-invasive data banks that any apprentice P.I. can tap into for a few hundred bucks. But he won’t find Wilma’s name there.

Wilma walks into the check cashing store, presents her bi-weekly check, receives her cash and leaves. No one can find her bank account. She uses “cash banking,” a form of money management whereby the person keeps his/her money private through the use of an anonymous private safe or other safe storage space designed for the privacy person who doesn’t want his banking secrecy or financial privacy invaded just in case a troublesome, obessive stalker-no matter what variety this “hired gun,” goon might be, decides he and his bosses want to try and seize it.

It works for Wilma and thousands more who are shifting to the total control such money privacy provides. And  this type of banking secrecy may be a good option for you, too if you want to stop the stalking, avoid being stalked, or rid yourself of the threats banks sometimes present to their customers as they struggle for solvency. It is a long and difficult process to retrieve you money from a bank when it fails. Trust me on that point. I’ve had to file claims on two FDIC insured failed institutions, and it’s a giant paper chase designed to confuse and discourage the account holder. With “cash banking,” you’ll have no such worry as your “bank account,” will be under your control entirely. Now, muster up the confidence and prepare to learn more about true business and personal privacy and financial privacy.

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stop stalking with an offshore address

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found? When you’re bothered by one engaged in harassment stalking an offshore address is one key that is necessary to stop stalking.  Creating a location illusion through the use of an offshore address is one privacy principle stalking victims have used to successfully “disappear” from their stalking ex or other criminal who continues stalking them.

The home address is far more important to the stalker than your telephone-the source of phone stalking or your computer which is the avenue used for cyber stalking.

An address believed to be your home address such as an offshore mail drop is a high-level consumer privacy concept. Once key data bases such as the major credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, and others have your offshore address listed as your home address-a process that may take some weeks, the stalking victim will be on her way to losing her stalker. The stalker will be faced with making a new plan or giving up the chase- unless he/she wishes to continue the pursuit out of the country. And of course, the “story” must be believed. The stalking victim will necessarily move and must receive certain important mailings offshore to create the proper ruse in order to escape.

Stopping stalking through the use of a mailing address offshore will not be the end of the battle, however. You as a stalking victim will want to structure your life to empower you to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. And privacy living in today’s world is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished when you have the right information.

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financial privacy: the practice

Why is financial privacy so important in the new police-like state? Because as local, state, and federal government agencies go broke, their agents are scrambling to increase revenue from any and all sources possible in order to attempt to keep control over their “subjects.” And make no mistake about it, money and property seizures are a “resource” for the agencies that police the population while tampering with citizens’ rights and invade every aspect of your life.

“Banking” Anonymously

In order to break the paper trail from your assets to you, it is necessary to have an awareness of what is happening and the motivation to learn how to prevent an invasion of your personal and business privacy.

You could decide to “bank” without using a commercial bank in order to keep your money private. The use of a check cashing store is one way of keeping your money anonymous.

Check Cashing Stores

These are the retail outlets that use their corporate accounts to clear customers’ personal or business accounts. Some years ago, it was difficult to find such operations that would cash business checks. Today, many openly advertise their service of cashing company checks for managers of businesses who do not want to be subjected to the raids that periodically occur on business bank accounts.

When you use a check cashing store to cash your checks-business or personal, you won’t have to worry about a lien on your bank account or a garnishment. You have no money on deposit with a check cashing store “account.” Your cash is given to you on the spot when you present a check.

Does this method of financial privacy appeal to you as an individual? How about as a manager of a business? Are you up to the task of handling your cash rather than entrusting a bank to store it for you or your business? If so, you will need to make the preparations necessary to deal on a cash basis without depending on banks.

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Protection against identity theft; creating a new identity

Identity protection is a careful process whereas one discretely identifies themselves and only shows primary identification when required by law to do so or when they choose to do so. In order to protect identity, it is necessary to create a new identity so that the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker does not enter your personal and confidential information into their privacy-invasive data bases, and place your identity at risk of being stolen by identity thieves.

Protection against identity theft is a personal lifestyle process and a business protective measure as well, and contrary to popular belief, identity theft insurance is not the best solution to protect identity. Would you entrust your name, home address, business address, personal and business telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security number, tax identification number(s), and other personal and confidential information to a large corporation who may have high employee turnover, and give their part-time, and other employees access to all of this information? That’s what you’re asked to do when you sign up for identity theft insurance. From my point of view, identity theft insurance seems like the greatest hoax of all insurance policies.

Back to creating a new identity for privacy purposes. You should not be providing your name and home address to the guy or gal who services your car or provides other routine services. Not even your doctor’s office should have your Social Security number. Many identity theft (medical identity theft) jobs occur by insiders. Tread carefully. It is best to keep your identity information secret whenerver possible.

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Financial privacy to protect identity

During our four year study on personal privacy, the data gathered conclusively demostrated the following consumer privacy priorites:

1.) Financial privacy, property ownership privacy, and bank secrecy were the top privacy priority for respondents.

2.) Stalking Solutions and stalking prevention ranked number two for those who participated in the study.

3.) Identity theft (all types) was number three.

4.) General privacy concerns including internet and computer privacy, travel and home privacy, and all other categories of personal and business privacy was number four.

Let’s focus on the number one consumer privacy concern; money, property, banking privacy.

Privacy protection has overlapping effects. Protect identity properly and you gain a good deal of financial privacy during the process. For instance, when you do not hold investments-liquid or illiquid in your name and under your Social Security number, it will be difficult for the most sophisticated of identity thieves to commit id theft and you will be exercising your right to financial privacy and gain bank secrecy when you utilize a privately registered entity that cannot be traced to you individually, and have no tax identification number or Social Security number that can be associated with your identity. Think this is impossible to accomplish today as the alphabet agencies and recrently created other sham agencies tell you through their bought-off talking heads that you must relinquish your financial privacy-all for the sake of the security of the homeland? Hogwash!

Learn to follow the leaders of the financial privacy movement who practice their freedom and keep their constitutional rights by keeping their money and property under their control and away from those “hawks” who claim they need to watch over you and your finances.

Review the principles of the Ulimate Bank Secrecy Account by following the link in the above paragraph. More on this in my upcoming book. Stay tuned.

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