Worried about a bank account garnishment?

The garnishment of a bank account may occur when a debt is owed and when the agency or company receives a judgment against the debtor. This article will cite certain particulars about a bank account garnishment and how banking privacy and bank secrecy have been utilized by privacy seekers. The author encourages all readers to follow the laws in their jurisdiction.

The principles outlined herein are examples used by certain personal privacy advocates. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to consult appropriate professionals for legal questions pertaining to financial privacy and bank account garnishment. This author does not provide legal, accounting or tax advice.

Financial Privacy for investments

Bank secrecy and financial privacy can be accomplished through the use of a Nevada Limited partnership. Asset protection and privacy have been accomplished by holding liquid assets in a Nevada limited partnership while using an anonymous company as the General partner. Limited partners have owned 99% of the partnership with the remaining 1% owned by the general partner.

At last check, a Nevada limited partnership had never been pierced in a Supreme Court case for the purpose of satisfying the debt of an individual who was a limited partner of the partnership.

Offshore asset protection trusts formed in asset protection friendly jurisdictions have been used to own the partnership. This additional entity provides an extra layer of asset protection.

Debit Card Online Bank Accounts

Can one receive garnishment help? In certain cases, yes. Consult an attorney when you have questions about garnishment law.

Certain financial institutions provide a pre paid debit card that has bank account features. The account is available to individuals to open without a Social Security number in some cases. A corporate bank account holding many individuals’ bank accounts with each account’s value segregated is the banking structure for some of these debit card accounts. These accounts are accessible as online bank accounts by the individual holding the account.

A high degree of bank secrecy may be accomplished with the online debit card account when it is opened properly and managed correctly.

This type of account features a bank routing number and an account number, and the account holder benefits include the ability to receive ACH transfers, online debits and credits, and cash deposits may be made to the account.  Cash withdrawals may be made worldwide from automatic teller machines.

Look for my new e-book that will soon be available for purchase and download.  Bank Secrecy will be available at www.PrivacyCrisis.com. Details and resources for financial privacy and bank secrecy are included in the book.

Grant Hall

What can you do if he does not stop stalking?

You have been abused both physically and mentally. Support groups help, but offer no permanent resolution. Restraining orders promised to rid you of his contacts and threats, and the police have been called. Still, he does not stop stalking. Your harassment stalker is an abusive ex-husband who will not let go. And you are his prey.

You are worried, tired, sick of it all, and have no one to turn to in your time of need. You are desperate. Perhaps, you have tried all options. You may be suffering from his abusive treatment-physically or mentally.  Your abusive husband may be a threat to you forever unless you learn how to “disappear.”

Do you wish you could leave, never look back, and be rid of his shadow-forever. You can.

It’s hard, a drastic step to be sure, but you can learn how to disappear and never be found-if you are dedicated and know how, that is.

The most successful at performing the permanent disappearing act are those with a need to do it and the right information.  It takes courage, determination, and a will to win-at great sacrifice in order to do it. This is the case when you have an abnormal situation-a stalker who will not let go. Are you determined enough? Is your case that serious?

In order to leave no trace to the real you, it will be necessary for you to leave and never look back. That’s a difficult process. Men who are stalkers are often determined to keep their women (previous lover, wife) under their control regardless of the status of the relationship. Recognize what you are up against before making a decision to leave and “disappear” forever.

If you are serious, really serious, learn how to do it the way the pros have managed to do it.  As the hunted, you will have distinct advantages over the hunter if you have the right information and the determination to escape a stalker forever.


Grant Hall

Can a bank account garnishment be avoided with banking privacy?

Does banking privacy prevent a bank account garnishment? Yes.

Bank Secrecy

Financial privacy and anonymous banking may be achieved in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world today.

Stop listening to the talking heads who want you to believe that big government has a right to know your business and where you park your cash. Further, certain media sources would like for you to believe that it is perfectly fine for your assets and bank account holdings to be visible to big government. Why would you want anyone-government included to know your business? Do you want your employees-government to know where you keep your money? You are provided with a right to privacy according to the U.S. constitution. Exercise your privacy rights.

Through the use of certain non traditional banking resources in the U.S.A. and traditional banks offshore, one’s right to financial privacy is assured. Indeed, it is possible to bank online without the use of a Social Security number while using a U.S. financial institution. Details are explained and resources are provided in my New Book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide. Look for the e-book to be available soon through our website at: www.PrivacyCrisis.com.

Timeliness of an asset protection program

In order to withstand the test of fraudulent conveyance, assets must be transferred prior to any knowledge of an action.

Assets cannot be seized when they cannot be found through asset searches. However, if one were served with a summons and deposed, he or she should, of course, disclose their true holdings and tell the truth if they were put under oath.

It is important to abide by all laws in your given jurisdiction as you practice bank secrecy. Banking privacy and/or asset protection can be achieved the right way while transferring assets to an entity that cannot be pierced nor can the assets held by the entity be used to satisfy the judgment of an individual limited partner of this company.

A Nevada Limited Partnership has been the choice of many who practice asset protection. It is important to register the company anonymously in order to preserve personal privacy. Once you do this according to the information in Privacy Crisis, you can control all assets while owning nothing.

This article is not intended to offer legal advice. Consult competent professionals for your accounting, legal and tax advice.

Cash and Carry

The ultimate “bank” secrecy program is accomplished by opening an “account” with a privacy-friendly institution that provides check cashing services to individuals and businesses. Once the check is cashed on the spot as it is presented, the individual or business manager receives the cash and carries it away for safe keeping.

The funds are now under control of the person and may be stored anonymously through the use of private companies providing safe deposit boxes or deposited into a “safe” entity under one’ control.

Resources are provided in my upcoming book, Bank Secrecy.

Grant Hall

are you a woman abused by harassment stalking?

Now that you’ve “broken up,” he won’t stop stalking. He keeps calling, shows up unexpectedly at your job, and you have no workplace privacy. He manages to discover where you shop for groceries, and shows up there, too. You avoid his contact attempts and screen your calls while not returning his in spite of his pleading telephone messages. Once he made threats over the phone. You are a stalking victim and a woman abused by an ex who is now engaged in harassment stalking.

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

That’s a big order to fill. Can it be done? Of course. Is it a lot of  work, expensive and will you make personal and business sacrifices in order to accomplish all of the above? Yes.

Travel, Bank, Work, Live Anonymously

Stalkers have no boundaries and have been known to stalk their victims for up to forty years according to author, Christine Ohlson. That’s a long time. There’s more bad news; nearly one in ten women will be stalked during their lives and a huge number of this percentage will be abused-physically or mentally by their harassment stalker. Check out these articles:


We offer a free information e-mail course on stalking solutions that may be of interest to you. Follow this link:


Privacy Crisis is an e-book available for purchase and immediate download. Through the principles and concepts as described in the book, one can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living

Bank Secrecy book interview with Grant Hall

Part II of Grant Hall’s interview with Sue Brady is posted below. Hall’s new e-book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide will be available for purchase soon. Look for the book at www.PrivacyCrisis.com.

S.B. One man’s finances were raided in England by mistake when he was believed to be a deadbeat dad. Dental and medical patients’ money was stolen by i.d. thieves. A corporation’s assets were stolen by the government in 2007 and the case has not gone to trial as of August, 2010. These cases are documented in the book with references. Grant, it appears money and financial privacy are necessary as an insurance policy to avoid the possibility of going broke through a seizure or a theft. Could these thefts and seizures by government and other criminals have been avoided through the practices outlined in the book?

G.H. Government seizures typically go up during economic downturns. Don’t quote me on that, but I read it somewhere though I cannot recall the source. Also, medical identity theft is on the upswing at an average loss to the consumer at $20,000 per offense. Deadbeat dads get no sympathy from me, but those fingered wrongly by government agencies number too many. Money and property privacy as outlined in the book could have prevented all of the losses I have cited based on the information available to be in the sources. A self insurance plan to preserve self and property naturally costs more, but is well worth the avoidance of the pain and financial ruin some or all of these people suffered.

S.B. How do you conceal money today and bank secretly?

G.H. The book’s contents provide bank secrecy options. Business managers and individuals alike can cash their checks while providing minimal privacy-invasive information to the institutions that deposit the presented check into their corporate account and hand the cash over to the person or manager on the spot for a fee that is typically under 2%. Naturally, that fee seems high to the inexperienced and uninformed.  Business people and households ensure against a catastrophe when they cash their checks and store their own cash and deposit excess money into an entity account that cannot legally be seized.

S.B. Do you mean storing cash in a safe deposit box, Grant?

G.H. Anonymous safe deposit boxes may be opened at two private companies as per my research and personal experience, and these resources are provided. There is a company in the U.S. and another in Europe that provides high-level privacy for safe deposit boxes.

S.B. What about a bank safe deposit box?

G.H. Use a separate entity to hold the safe deposit box at a bank. The key is to make the entity private. I have explained how in Bank Secrecy. Also, safes are used by individuals and businesses that are on their premises. These merit caution and require secrecy for safety reasons.

The remainder of the interview will be posted on this blog at a later time.

Thanks for reading.

James Clark King, LLC


banking privacy and a preview of Grant Hall’s Bank Secrecy

Sue Brady, Independent Marketing consultant caught up with author and privacy expert, Grant Hall at a West Coast seminar. A portion of the interview has been reproduced for readers.

Grant Hall interviewed by Sue Brady, August, 2010.

S.B. Your new e-book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide is going to be available for purchase at the website soon. Tell us about the book, Grant.

G.H. Based on customer demand for personal privacy information, money and property confidentiality rank first of all privacy categories. This is based on research compiled through our website at www.PrivacyCrisis.com over a three year period with a sample of  people who subscribe to our free privacy information series of courses and of those who purchased my first book, Privacy Crisis.

The public accepts order takers who represent the military industrial complex machine in the form of clerks at banks who dictate to them  while demanding their most private and personal information for the privilege of storing money at financial institutions. Whose business is it what property a citizen owns? Why would any sane person living in a free country tell his employee what property he owns? And, why would government want to track and trace citizens’ money and property in the first place? It is necessary to understand why before one becomes motivated to keep money and property confidential.

Bank Secrecy was written to provide insight as to why it is necessary to have financial privacy to keep free. Resources and information are provided to empower individuals and businesses with the ability to bank secretly and hold property privately.

S.B. Are you saying that it is still possible to bank anonymously in the U.S.A. and abroad today? How is it possible to do that? We hear news people tell us about the UBS case and others?

G.H. Switzerland was a banking haven which succumbed to pressures from U.S. government agencies’ at the expense of customers of certain banks, and is no longer a good choice for bank secrecy in my opinion.

Many main stream media sources provide inaccurate information and discourage privacy rights in my opinion.

Institutions and entities listed in my new book, Bank Secrecy enable a privacy-seeking individual to bank without a Social Security number and hold investments that cannot legally be seized for his personal debt. U.S. institutions and offshore companies are listed as resources for these purposes.

I have bought a home with techniques I coined as an invisible home mortgage. That is, I borrowed the money and paid for the home without anyone or any credit bureau knowing the source of my funds. Also, through the principles outlined in the book, one’s home can remain private when money is borrowed according to the “invisible home mortgage principle.”

I believe those who are interested in avoiding a seizure such as those cited and documented by footnotes in the book, should learn banking privacy to prevent asset and bank account seizures.

S.B. According to your book, Bank Secrecy, one man’s finances were raided in England by mistake when he was believed to be a deadbeat dad. Dental and medical patients’ money were stolen by i.d. thieves. A corporation’s assets were stolen by the government in 2007 and the case has not gone to trial as of August, 2010. These cases are documented in the book with references. Grant, it appears money and financial privacy are necessary as an insurance policy to avoid the possibility of going broke through a seizure or a theft. Could these thefts and seizures by government and other criminals have been avoided through the practices outlined in the book?

The interview conclusion will be posted later.

Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide

Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide by Grant Hall will be available on our website and through Click Bank affiliate websites as an e-book soon.

A companion tool to Hall’s first book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, Bank Secrecy provides how-to information on money and property privacy available no where else in print.

Grant Hall’s new book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide provides foundational material on the U.S. monetary system and emphasizes the reasons Why privacy and freedoms are being stolen from the population. Hall’s reasoning is that the perpetual debt machine, the Federal Reserve System requires the continuation of an accurate accounting of all “salary slaves” to fund the dollar pyramiding scheme-a money from debt creation system that the public, for the most part know nothing about.

Banking privacy can be accomplished in a variety of ways through the practices outlined in Bank Secrecy. For instance, individuals and businesses are provided with resources for cashing checks at a variety of check cashing services in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe.  Companies which offer anonymous safe deposit boxes in the U.S. and Europe may be used for storing cash or other assets.  One can utilize a resource provided to bank online without a Social Security number. A business entity to hold investment assets is explained in detail and this type of company has never been pierced to collect debts due by an individual. Want to create a totally private home? Hall explains how to structure an “invisible home mortgage” and claims to have purchased a home this way himself.

For those who want to keep their money and property private worldwide, Bank Secrecy is a valuable tool with resources and options never before seen in print.

Look for Bank Secrecy to be available soon at: www.PrivacyCrisis.com

Thanks for reading.

Sue Brady

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