Save $20,000 and protect your identity with this medical identity theft tip

Medical identity theft costs approximately $20,000 per case. Protect your identity by not succumbing to the pressures of medical front office personnel.

Social Security Number Fraud

The Social Security number offers an identity thief a prime identifier for his new identity theft score. Indeed, medical identity theft fraud has occurred when medical insiders grab a patient’s SSN and abuse it for personal gain.

Nearly every medical form I’ve seen over the past number of years asks for the patient’s Social Security number. Why would a medical provider need to have his/her patient’s Social Security number? While I do not know for sure, in my opinion, it is because they or the collection agency they retain want to be able to track and trace you IF you become delinquent on a bill.

What can you do about the danger of having your Social Security number in medical databases?

Mr. and Mrs. Assertive

Often, privacy advocates do not memorize their Social Security numbers and write “not memorized” in the space where all the sheeple provide their most personal and confidential identifier to the clerks who try and demand the SSN from patients.

It can be a costly expense to have your SSN stolen, not to mention the life-threatening dangers that could occur if someone stole your insurance policy just when you needed it for medical treatment.

Do all you can to prevent identity theft and medical identity theft in particular. One patient has been unable to straighten out his medical records-two years after an identity thief received $44,000.00 worth of treatment while using this identity theft victim’s identity.

Consumer privacy living principles will enable one to establish an identity theft prevention plan and escape the dangers and expense of a medical identity theft.

A Free identity theft prevention course is available by e-mail.

Do you know you do not need identity insurance to protecy your identity?

The public has never been more wrong than to attempt to protect identity by climbing  on the band wagon known as identity theft insurance in the opinion of this author. Consumer privacy tactics will help the astute individual avoid identity theft through privacy living.

Is identity theft insurance an oxymoron?

Can identity protection be achieved by buying identity insurance?

What about Bubba having access to that great big ole database?

The power of marketing is a tremendous force laid upon those unwilling to critically think about the content of the suggestions. Throw in a celebrity-type or better yet, “a lazy man’s way to …….” and you have a start at catching the public in a trap that no sane individual would stick their big toe into in my experienced opinion.

I think identity theft insurance is a sham. I see it as a marketing ploy with promises that cannot be kept by the clerks and pseudo managers who try to sell it. They try to hook you in through fear tactics derived from what I believe to be skewed statistics and mass media attention, and this is based on my experienced opinion, too.

Who has  access to the database that houses your most personal and confidential information?

Consumer privacy is the elevator to preventing identity theft

Keep your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mails, automobiles, employer, finances private and out of the databases that store the information of Joe Sixpack and you’ll be on your way to high-level privacy.

Now, how in the world do you do all of that?

Is it about time you exercised your right to privacy?

Start with the basics, of course.

Learn what you’re doing before jumping into the anonymous living arena.

For those who want to learn how the privacy experts do it, subscribe to a Free privacy course or three.

Grant Hall

Grant Hall is the author of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, an e-book that is available for purchase and immediate download.

Can you save $20,000 when you see the doctor and prevent medical identity theft?

Consumer privacy goes a long way to prevent medical identity theft and the loss of $20,000 which is the amount such a crime costs, on average.

How to avoid medical identity theft

You’re fishing around trying to find a doctor for that…….er, problem. You know you should have made the appointment sooner, but….., oh well, maybe, it will go away. It didn’t.

After exhausting efforts, friends’ referrals, searches, and all of that, you found a doctor that will take you. You call to make  the appointment.

“What kind of insurance do you have,” asks Ms. Clerk III.


It’s time for a re-education program in how to prevent medical identity theft.

Close up and personal

Do not give insurance information over the telephone. It’s fine to say, “with all due respect, Ms. Clerk III, I have identity theft challenges (don’t we all?), and I ain’t gonna part with my insurance number and group policiy number until I see the whites of your eyes”.

“What’s your social,?” she inquires.


It’s always acceptable to just say, “no”. And that’s what you’ll do when she asks that. If you are smart, that is.

“Date of birth,?” she barks.

“When I come into the office, I will furnish all information necessary for Dr. Doolittlesonex to treat me, Ms. Clerk III,” he replies in a pleasant and authoritative tone.

I’ll see you in two and a half weeks. In the meantime, you have my name and telephone number. Please call if there is any reason why Dr. cannot keep the appointment. Otherwise, I’ll be there.”

Preventing medical identity theft summary

Mr. Assertive has accomplished a great deal to strengthen his identity theft prevention plan.

He has kept his insurance policy number confidential and not shared it with a stranger. In fact, that one secret can save you a huge financial loss. Did you know that medical identity theft is often an inside job. And, remember a medical identity theft costs on average, twenty big ones. Isn’t it worth it to you to become like Mr. Assertive?

The date of birth is an important identifier. Mr. Assertive properly avoided providing his to someone whom he does not know-an important identity theft prevention principle regardless of whether one is asked for it by a medical clerk or a guitar playing musician in Westwood.  Don’t give it up easily. Do it in person.

I don’t have my Social Security number memorized. Neither do many who stomp the woods trying to maneuver between the identity theft traps that potential identity thieves set for their unsuspecting prey. Don’t take the bait. Become like Mr. Assertive. Why would anyone memorize their “social” anyway?

FREE information on identity theft prevention/identity theft solutions may be found in our courses.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall

Does phone stalking begin at the sound of the beep?

Phone stalkers make stalking harassment telephone calls to their stalking victims. Providing strangers with call back telephone numbers may be a bad idea for consumer privacy.

Voice mail and call backs

Once I called seventeen medical offices and received only three live answers to my calls. That’s a horrible level of customer service in my opinion.

It seems the public accepts poor customer service rather than insist on someone answering the telephone  when a new business is called.

In my estimation, businesses that do not answer their phones, but instead request you leave your phone number for a call back, are not practicing good customer service. Why would anyone leave a personal phone number for a call back?

Phone stalkers and phone stalking

One in ten women are stalked. One such method used by phone stalkers is to grab a phone number provided by someone who leaves a call back number. Do you leave your cell number or home number as a call back number? This is a poor decision in my experienced opinion and may provide an abusive stalker with personal information necessary to track and trace you to your doorstep.

Are you bothered by a telephone stalker or other harassment stalking crime? Or do you want to prevent stalking and live a high-level privacy lifestyle? In either case, you can stop stalking or prevent a stalking crime when you have the information to preserve your privacy or break free from a troublesome abuser. A free course on outsmarting stalkers  is offered by e-mail HERE.

Did Schwarzenegger declare war on personal privacy when he signed AB 962?

Finger prints to buy ammunition? Has your personal privacy been destroyed by Schwarzenegger and California’s new law? California gun owners may be losing their right to privacy.

Nazi Germany or California, U.S.A.?

Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed AB 962 into law and handgun owners who want to shoot their firearms will lose their right to privacy in early 2011.

One has to wonder why Schwarzenegger wants to track and trace the handgun ammunition purchases of law abiding citizens.

Is the new statute really about ammunition purchases?

Beginning in February 2011, Californians will be required to show government issued identification and a thumb print prior to buying ammunition for handguns.

New law set to destroy personal privacy of gun owners

Think you have second amendment rights? How about your rights to privacy as per the U.S. Constitution. The quote below is taken from this website:

“AB 962 requires purchasers to show bonafied ID to ammunition vendors in order
to purchase handgun ammunition. The bonafied is spelled out as a government
issued ID with a photo.

Acceptable forms include a driver’s license or military ID. In addition, the vendor is required to record the purchasers name, driver’s license number, state of issuance, signature, thumbprint, residential address, date of birth and phone number. In addition the name of the sales person, the date of sale, brand type and amount of ammunition sold must also be recorded. The records must be kept on the vendor’s premises for a minimum of five years.

There is no provision for how the records are maintained (paper or electronic)
stored, or securely destroyed.”

Gun Privacy Wyoming Style

Sadly for Californians, second amendment rights are eroding in the opinion of this writer, and according to this writer’s interpretation of the United States Constitution.

All things, considered, I think I would prefer buying ammunition the old fashioned way-cash and carry. The way it’s done in Wyoming.

Readers may receive a series of privacy courses Free of charge. Our courses are provided by e-mail and may be received Here.

Grant Hall

Will bank secrecy help a rich divorced dad avoid child support?

Divorced dads continue to write in while asking questions about bank secrecy as an asset protection plan for a single purpose; the desire to avoid child support.

Moral considerations

Do you have a desire to support your children following a divorce?

If not, why not?

Perhaps you think your order amount is too steep? Maybe you have lost your income in the current recession/depression. Or you’re still mad at her.

Make sure your judgment is not clouded and that you focus on what is most important; your beautiful children.

Personal privacy planning

Let’s not kid ourselves. The human mind is a powerful instrument capable of massive adjustments when confronted with survival threatening stimuli, and make no mistake about it, the service of a summons is a powerful incentive to learn how to disappear and never be found.

Certain divorced dads have dedicated themselves entirely to the process of home privacy and bank secrecy and other aspects of business and consumer privacy for the sake of skipping out on their child support obligations.

Fundamentals of banking privacy

Can a bank secrecy plan be established by a desperate, motivated, divorced dad? Yes.

Offshore bank accounts have been established by those who want to disappear and live under the radar.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished in the U.S.A. as well when the banking privacy seeker utilizes the available resources and has the communication skills necessary to successfully pull it off.


I believe all fathers have a right to practice financial privacy and have an obligation to support their children.

After all, working within the system prevents undue stress and providing for your kids is the right thing to do.

Grant Hall

Can a wealthy divorced dad achieve banking privacy?

Can a wealthy divorced dad have banking privacy and total financial privacy? You bet, he can. This article outlines key points for bulletproof financial privacy.

One may want to practice bank secrecy for any number of reasons.

Our website and blog provides information for readers to use at their discretion.

We recommend all who use our free courses, articles and paid products follow the laws in their jurisdictions.

Private registration of entities

All investments must be kept secret and must not be linked to the true name of the individual.

A Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. A single individual may form and control a limited partnership and maintain full control of the assets.

A Nevada Limited Liability Company may be used for many purposes. An LLC can hold a business or investment real estate.

Through the use of the Trust Manager Principle, businesses and investments can be kept private. In fact they must be kept totally secret if banking privacy is the goal as business names must not be linked to the bank secrecy program signers or controllers.

Workplace privacy

The self employed and professional practitioners can register their business names anonymously for high level business privacy.

Employees must keep their names out of new hires’ databases. How?

Form an LLC or other entity as the front entity to shield your wages, salary, commissions or other compensation.

Home privacy

The owned home can be kept confidential through the use of a trust. Renters can learn how to live under the radar while not providing property managers with personal and confidential data.

An offshore address has been used for privacy purposes with a degree of success. Key to this privacy principle is to make certain data bases that contain home addresses record this address, not the individual’s  place of residence.

Check cashing stores

Certain business men and ladies utilize these operations to clear their business or personal checks and then store the cash themselves.

Safes and safe deposit boxes

A safe held in a company name that is registered privately may provide a high level of financial privacy. Also, certain companies offer safe deposit boxes for rent without a name, identification or a Social Security number.

Privacy living and high level privacy

At the highest levels, privacy living is hard work and most who try to escape an obligation do not succeed according to an attorney friend. In fact, about 90% of all who try to escape the system are found within five or six months according to this same attorney.

We encourage our readers and customers to abide by all laws and to act responsibly as they use our privacy book to practice banking privacy.

Grant Hall

What can you do about his stalker behavior?

Approximately 85% of stalker behavior is the result of a man stalking a woman. Are you being stalked and what can you do about his stalking behavior and how can you stop stalking?

Stalking behavior patterns

In order to escape a dangerous stalker, it is important to recognize the behavior patterns of stalkers. Here are types of stalking behavior and this information is quoted from a website page that may be seen here:

“Types of Stalking Behavior

  • Visiting or following the victim or victim’s family harassing telephone calls, which includes obscene calls and hang-ups
  • Sending threatening mail, which is a federal felony
  • Trespassing
  • Burglary which often shows no forced entry because the stalker has a key
  • Vandalism
  • Leaving unwanted objects such as dead flowers on fences at victim’s home or work place
  • Killing or injuring pets
  • Unscrewing outside security lights
  • Disabling alarm system
  • Disabling victim’s vehicle
  • Disabling telephone
  • Transferring telephone line to another line to monitor messages
  • Plant listening devices
  • Filing change of address form with the Post Office in order to intercept mail.”

Every single type of stalking behavior quoted above can be thwarted by a stalking victim or one can avoid a stalking problem when consumer privacy and business privacy is practiced.

Telephone stalking is an ineffective means of harassing a stalking victim when one does not have a land line or cell telephone linked to their true name.

E-mail and snail mail privacy can be achieved through the use of pseudo names or pen names used for privacy purposes and the use of a mail nominee.

Trespassing, vandalism and burglary are impossible when one rents a home anonymously and holds an owned home through a trust with privacy living principles used to conceal all links to the trustee or controller of the trust. This is not expensive to do, but requires anonymous living information that will prevent stalking or enable one to escape her stalker.

Workplace privacy can be accomplished when expert communication skills are used to negotiate a working relationship that enables the employee or subcontractor to receive payments through another entity.

One can travel anonymously when a vehicle is properly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. A trust may be used to hold the vehicle. Make certain you do it right as it is difficult to undo when mistakes are made. The trust-owned car must have no links to you in the agency database.

Summary of how to avoid stalking behavior or stop stalking

All stalking harassment can be stopped when one who is a stalking victim takes the time to learn how to travel, bank, work and live anonymously.

Grant Hall

How do you prevent identity theft?

It is possible to prevent identity theft and protect identity from identity fraud criminals through consumer privacy living without dependence on a third party insurance company. How do you prevent identity theft during the current identity theft fraud epidemic? This article addresses key identity theft prevention points.

Dependence or independent thinking and proactive consumer privacy action

As the masses scramble to buy questionable and possibly ineffective identity insurance protection, the individual and family who practice consumer privacy living and business privacy will escape the expensive, dangerous, crime of identity theft.

Identity theft Insurance and the herd mentality of dependence

This piece is not about bashing the identity theft insurance corporations as they try to capitalize on the hardship of identity theft victims and the fear of medical identity theft, business identity theft, credit card identity theft, and all identity fraud related crimes.

Privacy advocates recognize it is difficult to educate the general population and the average individual about privacy living and identity protection.

You can protect identity when you learn to accept the fact that the demand is so great for “good identities” that the crime of id theft is likely to be prevalent for sometime. Next, educate yourself about what to do to prevent identity theft or learn how to fix the problem with privacy principles IF you are an identity theft victim.

Guarding you personal identifiers

Protect identity through privacy living while keeping your most important personal and confidential information private. Guidelines include:

1.) I do not provide my Social Security number to agencies or corporations unless required by law to do so unless it is required for a service that I need that justifies the risk.

2.) Keep mail, telephones, home addresses out of the data bases.

3.) Travel anonymously.

4.) Learn how to hide your money and property from the preying eyes of identity thieves.

Learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously and you will be on your way to preventing identity theft.

Your life depends on it

Identity theft is a serious crime. Learning to prevent identity theft through consumer privacy and business privacy will enable you to avoid the most dangerous and expensive type of identity theft, medical identity theft.

The average medical identity theft costs approximately $20,000.00 and aside from this expense, you could be denied treatment by a medical provider if you are a victim of a stolen identity. Imagine a family member or yourself needing emergency treatment for a life-threatening disease or injury and finding out that your medical identity insurance coverage has been stolen by an identity thief. In a case like this, there may be insufficient time to correct the problem before a medical condition worsens or someone dies.

If you would like to learn more about identity theft prevention, we have a free information series of e-mail courses and identity theft articles for your review and study.

Grant Hall