Stop Stalking Problems Create New Identity
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Stop Stalking Problems When You Create a New Identity
By Grant Hall

Stalking victims can stop stalking once they create a new identity. This high-level privacy tactic is effective and has been used successfully to escape a street stalker, a phone stalker, or online stalking criminals.

It is important to take a stalking crime seriously and work towards a means to protect your privacy when harassment stalking begins. Nearly eighty percent of all victims of a stalking crime are abused by the stalker according to statistics compiled by author, Kristin Ohlson who wrote, Stalking The Divine; Contemplating Faith With The Poor Clares.

Do you know how to disappear and never be found? A new name will assist the individual being stalked to break the paper trail from their old identity and escape the stalker. This new identity can be used for many purposes. A notable exception is when one is required to provide their "official" identification.

The subject of how to create a new identity and the use of novelty identification is a touchy subject. Laws in various jurisdictions in Western cultures support the use of an alternate identity for privacy purposes. Please check to make certain you are following all laws in your country or state prior to using a pen name. Always provide law enforcement and government officials with your true name and bonifide identification documents. Do not give fake identification to law enforcement or government officials-ever.

Once a new name is adopted for privacy purposes, the stalking victim may use this new identity to begin their permanent escape from their past life of being victimized by harassment stalking. The stalker you are escaping from may be engaged in one of these common types of stalking; street stalker, phone stalker, internet stalker.

Regardless of the mode of stalking your stalker has used to engage in his criminal behavior, the use of a new identity is the first and most important step to take toward the process of eliminating harassment stalking.


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