Privacy Crisis the Book About Protecting Your Identity

by Grant Hall

They are vultures trying to capitalize on the fears of the uninformed, the prototype American salary slave who lives without a sufficient knowledge base on privacy living or life management skills. These cancers of finance are “fourth cousins” to the criminal bankers who have ruined your currency through the money from debt fiat money system known as the central bank (private Federal Reserve System) of the United States of America. Yes, the identity insurance saviors are soliciting and promising you freedom from disaster if you give them access to your “promise to pay number,” that coveted and cherished credit card.

With your credit card in hand, these modern day money changers of questionable integrity and unquestionable ineffectiveness in the opinion of this experienced privacy consultant and author, begin their merry promissory scam of charging you insurance premiums for “services” you could do far better yourself while keeping your money and without risk of your privacy. Wake up. Learn to control who has access to you and your personal information through sensible data protection and privacy living.

Providing a corporation with your full name, date of birth, home address, home telephone number, credit bureau files, and other personal and confidential information has to rank as one of the most desperate and worst identity theft prevention decisions a human being could make. Factor in the thousands upon thousands of employees and others who could potentially have access to your identity theft insurance file and the
process looks more like a set up to have one’s identity stolen rather than a measure to avoid identity theft.

This article is provided to readers for educational purposes and represents opinions of Grant Hall, author of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living (

Of course, certain media puppets are waving the go ahead signal for the American consumer to participate in the greatest fear game in the history of the country; Identity insurance. They collect hefty advertising fees that are paid for in part by your insurance premiums-when you by the insurance they tout.

The idea of buying “insurance” against having one’s personal or business life stolen is neither sound in its concept nor a viable privacy option for data protection and privacy protection. It may be the biggest fraud in the insurance industry today.

Instead of participating in the great identity theft insurance hoax, learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. Privacy living principles enable one to have data protection and identity protection -without giving strangers personal and confidential data.

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